What was your last vacation before the lockdown?

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It does not have to be a tauck tour...share your pictures and stories please

Our last trip was a regent cruise from Tahiti to Australia. We left home February 8 and returned home March 4 2020.


  • Two weeks on the Wind Surf returning on February second.

  • Trapped in a hotel room in Kuala Lumpur waiting to be evacuated back to the US after escaping one of the last flights from Borneo. Returned to the US March 21st. Above, view from hotel room, The bat caves

  • Sorry, but no pics.

    I was on a Caribb cruise that when it returned to Miami, it never went back out. I believe it returned to port on Sat., Mar 14, 2020. Meanwhile, one of my kids flew into Denver on Mar 13 from SF, then took the mountain shuttle from DEN to my ski condo She was going to ski solo for a couple of days, then I was going to meet her there for the rest of her 10 day ski trip. As it turned out, she got one ski day in before the mountain was shut down. She called me and I said, "hang out for a few days, then when I get home, I'll come pick you up." That was the beginning. Still waiting for the end.

  • Sep 2019 we took our RV up to Vallecitos Reservoir in southern CO. We snagged this absolutely perfect campsite in a mostly empty campground. A week of looking at this view, peace and quiet, random wildlife and hiking. Yes, those are my toes and soon to be new left knee.

  • Wonderland: Yellowstone in Winter, 5 - 12 Feb 2020. Fantastic!!!!

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    January 2020, at sunrise, entering the Panama Canal, having just passed under the Bridge of the Americas.

    And back at the all inclusive resort, having finished the Panama Canal tour. You can see the ships lined up waiting to enter the Panama Canal in the distance.

  • Smiling Sam
    And back at the all inclusive resort, having finished the Panama Canal tour. You can see the ships lined up waiting to enter the Panama >Canal in the distance.

    I can hear the steel drums playing.

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    Nuevo Vallarta, MX at Paradise Village resort. Room overlooking the marina. Jan 2020

    PS - Have no idea why picture is turned landscape when it was uploaded portrait. 🤪

  • Christmas time (December) 2019. We had some airline credits that were soon to expire and we were in a use it or loose it scenario. We decided to use the credits for a flight to London for 6 days. This was not a big sightseeing trip since we have been to London numerous times. We just want to take in some Theatre, Dining, Museums and just relax. I didn’t even take a camera so all my pictures were on a cell phone. We also wanted to just fill in some travel time before a Tauck trip to Italy a few months away in April and several other trips for a full year of travel in 2020.

    We were also just starting to hear about a mysterious disease that was starting to crop up in a place called Wuhan China. Nobody seemed concerned at the time. There was no social distancing, nobody wore masks, places were crowded, and theatres were full. This turned out to be our last trip before our unscheduled travel hiatus.

    The crowds at Buckingham Palace

    Crossing Abbey Road (The Mrs in the blue jacket)

    Attending Theatre.

    Regent Street. Lights at Christmas

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    Of course we visited Belfast, Northern Ireland and toured the incredible Titanic museum and saw unique artwork and storefronts throughout the city!

  • We loved our Ireland tour even though we didn't get to stay at Ashford. So beautiful and fantastic food.

  • We left Bangkok at the end of our Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand tour on January 7, 2020 the day they reported their first Corona virus. We were pretty worried because our guide said a lot of the masses of Chinese tourists we’d encountered were from Wuhan. But the Emerald Buddha atop all that gold was the most amazing and unforgettable sight. The whole trip was fabulous.

  • Mexico City, February, 2020

  • We returned from two weeks aboard the Wind Surf on February second 2020.

  • My last true vacation was a tour (non-Tauck) of the Austrian and German Christmas markets in December 2019. An amazing experience.

  • Tauck tour of Costa Rica, December 2019.

  • My last "big" vacation was the Amsterdam, Rhine and Swiss Alps river cruise at the end of October, beginning of November 2019. It was great except for the weather the day we went to the Jungfraujoch. We never even got a chance to go outside because the wind was so bad they shut it all down. We ate lunch and then had to hustle to the trains to go back down the mountain. The local guide said she had been working for the train company for 15 years and it had never happened while she was there. Oh well, there was a group of us who were mostly travelling alone and we ended up eating together and needing to add an extra chair to fit everyone at the dinner tables. I still have regular Zoom happy hours with two of the women I met and we're hoping to travel together next year.

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