Things to do during free time

I'm going to be taking this tour this summer. It looks like there is a lot of free time. I'm not someone who just sits on a beach. Any suggestions for what to do during free time? (I will be arriving a day early and will spend a day on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, where my father was stationed during WWII.). I've been to Oahu and Kauai many years ago, but don't remember a lot.


  • MCD,
    When I visited Hawaii a number of year ago, I arranged a few tours with All of the tours were great - especially Waterfall & Rainforest Hiking Adventure. It wasn’t heavy duty hiking but it was informative and a lot of fun! I have recommended this company often over the years and everyone has raved! Take a look!!

  • Nancy -- I will! Thanks.

  • On Kauai you can zip line or go for a float in the old irrigation canals they dug years ago for sugar cane, snorkeling, etc.

  • I'm afraid that my time for zip lining has passed!

  • MCD - Please post a follow-up once you've done the trip. I, too, have hawaii on my list and am not a beach person. Some sort of hiking/adventure sounds good to me!

  • BKMD - You're a biker. They offer tours that include biking down the volcano on Maui. I'm sure they have a ton of other bike tour/ride options.

  • Smiling Sam, BKMD and MCD,
    The ‘bike ride’ down the volcano is not strenuous at all!! You will be going down the volcano without ANY pedaling. Rather, you will be holding the brake tightly!! The biggest issue is the car and bus traffic going up and down the road. Best to get to the top of the volcano just before day break - to see the glorious sunrise and go down on the road before the cars/buses dominate.

  • A friend of mine has used Viator for local activities, tours, etc. when he has free days in places he travels and has spoken highly of them. You might check their website for places you'll have time and see if anything they have is of interest.

  • Thanks, everyone. I, too, have had good local tours with Viator, which I think is connected to, if not owned by, Trip Advisor. There are lots of tours that include snorkeling, which I enjoy, but Covid has put me off the idea of using someone else's mouthpiece, despite whatever might be done to disinfect it. I'm glad I went to the Great Barrier Reef in 2018 and crossed snorkeling there off my bucket list.

  • We always take our own snorkels and masks, they don’t take up much room and are not heavy

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