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  • Wow 4 flags! Must be lots of Florida haters out there. Can't understand why we are up to 20 million folks down here.
    Just returned from a fantastic Tauck vacation with a great TD and 23 wonderful, friendly fellow travelers. Not one of them even knew what a "Tauck Forum" was. Seems to me they have the right idea so this will be my last post. Happy travels!

  • My husband and I got the Moderna booster today, Don*t know if it will give us more protection from Covid or not but it can't hurt. Going on Tauck's Meditterrean Small Ship cruise in 2022 and we will get whatever in order to travel again, Have had two trips cancelled from 2020 and 2021 and are really looking forward to this one.

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    It looks as if my original post got flagged five times and has gone.
    Smfexterr, I see you got just one flag, unless I’ve missed drama because I’ve been out all afternoon…at the Van Gough Experience, where we had to show our vaccine cards and wear masks
    Anyway. We booked our Florida tour many months ago for the sunshine when we would normally be abroad in October or November.
    You mention 4 cities, I think you original mentioned just three, I didn’t check Portland but all the other places have higher vaccine percentages than Florida. In fact we were in Chicago for vacation, just back a week. Mask wearing was incredible, I would say about 99% of people were wearing masks, the best I have seen of the places we have visited this summer. I’m most concerning by the lax mask wearing, the fact that it’s forbidden to mandate masks, even in schools. We have grandchildren who are too young to be vaccinated, so we don’t want to have any chance of passing Covid ot them. We will be staying on resort apart from one day and of course it’s easy to eat outside. I never mentioned I hate or don’t like Florida, I’m concerned, but when I booked our trip, it was the only option open to us, all our Tauck tours were cancelled. We have additional insurance, so if we require hospitalization and Floridahospitals are full of Covid patients. We can be transported to a hospital near home.

  • Boostered today (Moderna x 3).

    Re Florida, you can keep your brain-dead governor and early bird specials. But whatever floats your boat :)

  • BKMD - Are you experiencing any mild side effects? We get our Moderna booster this Wednesday. I am thrilled, but I also have matzo ball soup ready to serve in case I am wiped out as before.

  • We got our Moderna booster on Sunday. My arm was sore and I had some chills, but not the fatigue and headache that I had after dose 2. My husband had only a mildly sore arm.

  • kfnknfzk - So far, so good, 4 hours later. My arm was more sore after my flu shot than this one.
    I had no side effects from #1, but had some significant fatigue after #2 upon awakening the following morning. It was gone within 12 hours.

    Do you know the special ingredient in matzo ball soup that's the magic cure-all?


  • BKMD - Ha, ha! I cheated and opened the link. Good one.

    I'm glad you feel okay.

    Do you know the secret ingredient added to the matzo balls to make them light and fluffy? I don't know how to do the "spoiler, show" attachment, so you will have to respond the old fashioned way.

  • No, I don't. My family's matzo balls were more like bocce balls. :)

    To do the spoiler, click on the paragraph symbol, and Spoiler will be in the drop down list CLick it, then type the words you want hidden.
    Then, before clicking Post Comment, click Preview to make sure you did it correctly. It gives you the opportunity to correct any mistakes via Edit.

  • That's because you did not add the secret ingredient...

    I found the spoiler, but it reverted to symbols. Anyway, the secret ingredient is.........

    A splash of ginger ale. It works! Try it! Yummy.

  • Claudia, for the umpteenth time. Your decision to take the vaccine and/or booster is up to you and your doctor. I have no issue with that…none. It is this federal overreach that I have a problem with. The powers that be change their mind with the wind. Or, they don’t comply with their own mandates, examples of which are everywhere.

    I, too, have lived all over the country and world. Florida’s appeal is based on weather, location, and a solid economic foundation. I’m with you on the climate here. It’s nice, but there are places I like better (too hot). I lived in Colorado for ten years and love the weather there. However, I don’t think British’s comment is based on weather. She thinks we are too open in our COVID-19 policies. I disagree, but allow her to voice her opinions (unlike others in here who want to stop ideas they don’t agree with).

    Concerning the antibody test results, I’m following my doctor’s advice on the results of my blood test. I rely on his research and knowledge of the test, not a blog or article on the internet, which may, or may not, be based on any type of fact. If you need it…take it. It should not be mandated by the federal government to make me take it. If Tauck says I have to take a vaccine then I have to make a choice of taking it or finding another company to work with. Again, it’s all about choice.

    As fmsxterr says, flag me if you like. I have a right to express my concerns.

  • Nvdb. Thank you for having an open mind. Listening to other people is so important, whether we agree or not

  • British - I live in Florida and want you to know you are perfectly right, more and more people are not wearing masks and there's reluctance to vaccinations, for me it's very sad. Unfortunately we have a governor that cares less about our health and more about his re-election. Recently the State Surgeon General did not mask for a meeting with a cancer survivor State Senator and was asked to leave, he claims is difficult for him to talk with a mask on. Stay safe in Florida.

  • That’s good to know. But for me, I want to know about mask wearing. I want to know how full the hospitals are.

  • My two posts seem to have been deleted while comments from others have remained alive. The Director of Censorship at Tauck must
    not have liked mine. I have my 14th Tauck trip planned next year with my wife and another couple on the Grand European River Cruise.
    I find this selective censorship very troubling and disturbing.

  • Posts are deleted after 5 flags. That is done by forum participants and not Tauck. Although I wholeheartedly disagree with your comments I did not flag them. They are your opinions. I believe the forum should have a “disagree” button so that posts like yours are not removed.

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    I didn’t flag your post either, these are just opinions. There was a disagree button but it was removed
    The old forum didn’t have any of these buttons. No need apart from true spammers. I don’t think your post should have disappeared, it wasn’t nasty or anything, it was an opinion that many Americans share, even if I don’t agree.
    You are a loyal Tauck traveler and that’s great and all that matters. I’ve rarely heard political type conversations on tour except once when we were sitting having lunch with another couple who made nasty remarks about another couple walking in and saying something like…here come the Trump followers…we were really disturbed by how they said it and didn’t sit with them again. You don’t need that attitude on vacation.

  • Call me when you have 562 Spam flags :D But seriously, since the numbers have been free and lose and some akin to ‘alternate facts’ (wasn’t a FL official fired for releasing correct COVID numbers?), it is just best to follow the old adage - not discuss religion and politics in polite company.

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