Trying to get a French Covid pass

This is crazy news for those heading to France. The on line pass has been closed to Americans


  • The real question is whether CDC cards are still sufficient. In Sep it was accepted everywhere we went - tourist sites and restaurants.

  • This is crazy! We did the on line pass in early October...all in preparation for a one day stopover to Paris on our way home from Morocco in a few weeks. Are they TRYING to discourage tourism?

  • SGF - I think they’re just trying to be safe. It might not be the best time to be doing stopovers on the way or way home from your tour. Pre-Covid these stopovers made sense to maximize the travel benefit for your flight dollars. During Covid that might no longer be the case. One thing about travel during Covid is that we have to be flexible and adaptable to changing requirements.

  • Smiling Sam - I'm trying. Really. After 4 cancelled trips in the past 18 mos. we're finally leaving for Magic of Morocco next week. Have to go through CDG on the return, and got tickets for the Dali/Gaudi lumiere show. Luckily, I do have the French pass. Still, what's a travel addict to do? There are only so many car trips I can take, now that winter is coming to the Northeast! 🙄

  • Could this be submarine related? Seriously!

  • Alan - I was thinking the same thing.

  • Similar to Claudia as of two weeks ago I am not aware of anyone on our tour that had a problem with their CDC card. We did find the health pass easy to use and I can't believe they won't reopen to US residents shortly. If I was going soon, I would see if there are reports of non acceptance of the CDC cards. French business owners are thrilled to have Americans spending money there.

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