New premium credit card - Captial One Venture X

This is a new CC that competes very favorably with the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Here's a comparison article:
I couldn't find a review by thepointsguy (yet).

I currently have a Chase Sapphire reserve and if I was sure my trip to Japan is a go for April 2022, I'd switch cards now, as I'm due to pay the Chase $550 membership fee in January. However, since it's still iffy, and I'd want to be sure I could take advantage of the 100K points signup bonus (woth $1000) for spending $10K in the first 6 months, I'm holding off.



  • BKMD - if you find any comparisons to other credit cards post them as well - like AMEX Platinum or some of the airline associated cards. I use an AA associated card that provides Admirals club access. Living in Tucson, probably 75% of our travel is via AA or it’s partners.

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    I read that AA was cutting some flights from New Mexico this morning. It was on the Points Guy.
    BKMD, I’m still thinking Japan will remain off limits in 2022. We are going to book for 2023 as soon as it opens up.

  • I'm not so pessimistic, British. Japan was off to a slow start with vax, but now they're at about 70%.
    I've already rescheduled my Japan trip twice. I hope not to need to do it again!

  • I'm in the BKMD camp that Japan will open to tourists for the next cherry blossom season.

  • I hope you are right, but Japan doesn’t rely on tourists and they did without foreigners for a long time. They must think we Americans are crazy.

  • Here's an interesting article that discusses the odds of being able to travel to Japan. Spoiler alert, they put the odds at 80% by Spring of 2022.

  • Cathy - Did your cruise include Vietnam, Cambodia, or Thailand? I know Tauck has cancelled those tours for early 2022. I'm still holding out hope (like we did for your Antarctica trip and it looks like that's going forward) for BKMD's Japan tour in the Spring of 2022.

  • China has been on my bucket list for a long time but it looks like China is off the travel grid for the next year or two (or more). Cathy: I hope that part of the world reopens in 2024. I definitely want to go back to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangkok. Fascinating sites and culture.

  • Back to the original subject - I'm sticking with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. While many of the benefits are similar, the Chase card offers 3 point per dollars spent on all travel vs. 2 points on the Cap One card. If you use the points to book your flights through Chase travel, they add 50%, so it's like 4.5 points. Chase counts package tours (like Tauck) in the travel category (other cards don't define travel to include tours), so my Tauck trips earn extra points that more than make up for the higher annual fee. In addition, the Chase card has substantial travel insurance benefits that (as far as I can tell) are not included in the Cap One card.

  • Thanks for your input, Ken. I was hoping you'd post on this subject.

    I read through the fine print on the Cap One card and couldn't find anything about travel insurance, either.

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