Trip Report Jewels of the Nile October 2021



  • Mil - Thanks, but those pictures, based on what I saw in the titles are of the Zahra (the boat you were on). I'm looking for pictures of the Philae, the boat I will be on. I have seen the pictures of the Philae websites, but pictures from travelers, like the ones you provided from your trip are oftentimes much more enlightening.

    It appears that Wayside may be the first Tauck traveler on the Philae that has said they will post some pictures. Can't wait.

  • Alan - I do not think that most of our group realized that they could see the Red and Bent pyramids in the distance from the area near the Step Pyramid. There is an upper level area where people like to take pictures of the Step Pyramid. The opposite view takes in the view of the Bent Pyramid,etc. Once I was done with viewing, I walked back down and asked our guide about it, she confirmed that I was correct in my assumption and spoke about those Pyramids.

  • AlanS
    but did you drive a bit further south to neighboring Dahshur and get close to any of the pyramids
    there (Bent Pyramid, Red Pyramid, Black Pyramid, etc.) or did you just view them from afar?

    They intended to, but those sites were infested with the killer scorpions so they had to keep their distance!! :D

  • The ones I was talking about are in Saqqara/Dahshur. :D

  • Lotusgirl
    Thank you so much for this trip review. Im scheduled for the March 2022 trip and have been checking this forum regularly for info from past travelers. This trip is a little out of my comfort zone so hearing your report was so helpful. A question - at any time did you feel uncomfortable or a little unsafe? Thanks.

  • LisaTravels - I never felt that my personal safety was at risk. There is a guard on the bus for all of the tours, although it probably is not necessary.
    The security in the Egyptian airports was very tight. As soon as you walk in, you and your carryon and luggage go through a metal detector and everyone is frisked. The women are frisked by a female, and she barely touches you. Be sure to have everything out of your pockets, and take your watch off ahead of time. After checking in, there is a similar security check (with frisking), but this time you also had to take your shoes off. The third screening consisted of checking your ticket.
    Toward the end of the trip, as we were encountering more people at temples and the Egyptian museum, everyone became more diligent about wearing masks in enclosed spaces, walking past vendors and near other people. I always wore a mask on the tour bus. The staff in the hotels and the boat wore masks and I wore a mask inside those venues unless at the table in the dining room or cocktail area.

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