Cruising the Land of the Rising Sun. . .Northbound or Southbound - that is the question ??

Hi Fellow travelers,
I am interested in booking a trip to Japan. Any suggestion as to which direction to start the journey? Just hoping to catch the Cherry. Blossoms of course. Start and go South in end of April or go Northbound starting in first week of May 2023. Mahalo Nut loa.
Off to South Africa in 10 days!!


  • We took this wonderful trip almost 4 years ago, April 4 - April 20, 2018 from Osaka to Tokyo. That was our preference and we were lucky to see the cherry blossoms and walk among the trees to take pictures. It does, of course, all depend on the weather. I think I would do it the same way again. We stayed on a couple of days after the tour in Tokyo for more sightseeing and shopping. I am still wearing the two Japanese yucatas (robes) I purchased in a department store in Tokyo. The hotels were wonderfully luxurious. I recommend this trip. The week we returned home, I immediately purchased a Toto toilet with all the bells and whistles. You'll see. If I can suggest, bring gloves because some of the mornings were quite chilly.

  • Yes, cherry blossom season is a wonderful time to visit Japan. We had a rare treat (though it happened again in 2020) of seeing the blossoms with a lovely dusting of snow, and meeting locals who had never witnessed such a concurrence. Btw autumn color in Japan is equally spectacular.

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