Croatia May 26 anyone going?

Husband and I are on this trip. Going in early. Staying late in Venice. Anyone going? Hear it’s a small group. Total of 12 as of last week.


  • We would have been with you but Tauck consolidated some tours and the new dates didn't work for us. We plan to book for next year, and will be very interested to learn about it from you, if you have time upon your return.

  • Interesting to know Tauck has consolidated some tours. They seem to have been doing tours with very small numbers.We had Croatia booked for 2020 but have still never rebooked.
    Tauck consolidated our original Singapore Bali tour, ended up owing us $1000plus for our flight changes and then Covid happened and it was cancelled anyway. Hopefully we finally get to go in September if Bali opens up.

  • The G20 meeting is taking place in Bali, I surely hope they open for everyone, I also have a September trip there.

  • Hopefully we are going on the June 16 2022 Adriatic adventures. Third attempt due to Covid. Is anyone else going?

  • Not going, but I went in Sept. 2021. One of my all-time favorites! The different areas of Croatia that you will visit are all so different. And I absolutely loved Slovenia. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  • My wife and I took that trip in September 2019. It was a great trip, much better than I expected. We stayed a few days in Venice after the trip, also. You can see what we did on that tour at

    The hotel in Ljubljana was really outstanding.

  • Has anyone walked the walls of Dubrovnik ? Appears Tauck trip only walks thru Old Town. looking online at 1 day (24 hour) Dubrovnik Card for KN 250 ($35 US). this gets you into several sites, including walls. Any "walk the Walls" comments appreciated.

  • Last September, I walked the walls on my own, but with a few other people from the tour. The cost was 200 kuna, cash only -- about $28-30 at the current exchange rate. (I just checked my ticket. In an earlier post, I had written the incorrect amount. I can't find the post to edit it to correct it.). We did the walk on the day we arrived in Dubrovnik, while we were waiting for our rooms at the Hilton to be ready. It was a good way to pass the time, and the views were great. You get a real sense of people living in the Old City (lots of laundry hanging on clotheslines and satellite TV dishes on the ancient buildings). There are a number of stairs involved.

  • Also look at the tile roofs on the buildings. The newer ones were put up after the war which destroyed a large portion of the old town. The ones that date from before the war are darker and often have moss on them.

  • I did this on 2010, well worth it. Lots of great photo ops. Can get very crowded, try to go in the morning. I would buy the pass, if you have time, as walking the wall is the same cost as the pass. Lots of steps, be sure to bring water, it can get very hot, depending on time of year. There is a small Cafe halfway thru the walk where you can purchase beverages and a snack. Also, you can only walk in one direction.

  • That cafe halfway around the walk accepts only kuna. And even though you have to walk in only one direction, there are a couple of places where you can descend from the wall if you've had enough.

  • We did the wall walk when we visited Dubrovnik with the Tauck tour. We went one day early and had time to do that. It was okay. I'm glad we did it, so we know what it was like and won't regret not doing it. But I can't say it was outstanding.

  • When we did this tour we did the sky ride as opposed to the wall walk. Our friends did the wall walk. I 100% believe the sky ride is better. You see way more, the views are spectacular. You can easily get something to eat at the top. We had an ice cream sundae. The wall walk, especially if it’s warm is draining, being exposed to the sun nearly the entire time.

  • The cable car ride was part of our Tauck tour.

  • Just got back from land trip Adriatic treasure. Excellent time!! Definitely walk the walls in Dubrovnik. Buy a day card at tourist bureau to gain entry to several places. Better pricing that way. Practical stuff—-no need for hair driers. All hotels have decent ones. No shampoos or conditioners. All hotels provide. Need good walking shoes(ie good tennis shoe). Lots of town roads are cobblestone. Footing uneven. Warm there now. Only going to get warmer. One place only did you need a sweater/ long pants ——caves. Zip off pants are perfect. And a hoodie. Then you are all set. No dressy clothes. Just a decent top/shirt for nicer dinner. No sport coats!!!
    The sites we visited were fun. Enjoy the varied experience of olive oil farms, wineries, castles, historic areas of towns. Can’t go wrong with this trip.
    No COVID in our group. We did wear a mask on bus. Our choice. Also kept it on in a couple of crowded palaces/ museums. Again our choice. We had to test to return to states so was before they removed requirement. All went well. Very organized.
    This trip is a chance to see a part of the world we weren’t familiar with. So glad we went.

  • A slightly different opinion than Sueh. If walking the walls in Dubrovnik is an either or with taking the cable car to the top of the hill, then I'd opt for the cable car. The views are spectacular from the top. There's even a place to get a bite to eat (at least there was in 2016). If you can do both the wall walk and the cable car, then all the better.

  • The cable car was part of my Tauck tour last Sept. Even if it hadn't been, I would have chosen the wall walk. Chocolate and vanilla -- though both are better, as Smiling Sam's photo implies!

  • Yes, cable car is part of Tauck package. arriving a day early and walking the walls is absolutely worth it - using 1 day Dubrovnik card, which allows you to visit nearby fort as well. hope these pix come thru.

  • ore Adriatic pix![](

    Adriatic pix 2nd batch: Mostar, Rovinj, Krka, Perast, Trakoscan, Postojna, Venice. hope they come out

  • Great pics, brilliant colors. Those Croatian towers bring back memories!

  • Gorgeous, our tour was cancelled back in 2020 and we have n’t been able to rebook

  • @cuzin GJ Wow, great pictures. Do you post process those, or did they come out of the camera that way?

    Your picture of Dubrovnik from the top of the cable car is especially nice - you didn't get the cable car cables in the picture and the roofs of the houses are darker than the pictures I took.

  • Cuzin GJ - What type of filter or processing did you do to the photos? I sure don't recall the rooftops in Dubrovnik being that orange. Here's what I recall.

  • The pictures look like HDR (High Dynamic Range), which can be done in the camera or in post processing.

  • edited June 24

    Cuzin GJ - Great pictures, I have friends that were there this year unfortunately I had other trips scheduled since 2019 and couldn't join them but that is definitely in my bucket list, maybe next year.

  • Dubrovnik picture taken outside of cable car at summit observation. some pix from i-phone and colors edited if needed. some pix from Canon power shot SX720 set on vivid no high priced equipment.

  • nobody starved on trip ! wine, cheese, bread, olive oil = very tasty. pix of some lunches at olive oil farms and vineyards.

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    cuzin GJ - Thanks.

    Do you know if it was the vivid setting that caused the roofs of the buildings to be so orange or did your editing make them so orange?

  • yes SS, super vivid can jack up orange color. also on I-phone pix, editing warmth, vibrance, and saturation can make the colors pop.
    hopefully, will also enhance Jordan & Egypt pix late 2022.

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