Botswana- plastic bag restrictions in 2022?

I read Tauck's message about not using plastic bags in Botswana but read other sources that lead to confusion. I'm not sure what is subject to a fine- are ziplock bags in my toiletry bag an issue or is the issue one-time use bags like grocery sacks that I might stuff a pair of shoes in? I am interested in comments from folks who have been to Botswana this year. Thank you.


  • You can buy reusable small zip lock type bags on Amazon which is the type we use to go to Africa these days

  • milmil
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    $500 fine if they find a plastic bag in your suitcase, carry on etc.. No Ziplock!
    Read the Tauck final papers.... it's very clear- No plastic..

  • milmil
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    Heavy Duty Clear Travel Toiletry Makeup Bags Transparent Shaving Bag Water Resistant Cosmetic Bag Organizer Pouch with Zipper and Handle.

    you can get different types, color and sizes.. check Amazon

  • My hubby has that bag Mil!

  • mil and British,

    Save money and use the clear, vinyl bags that some sheets and pillowcases come in. They work great as packing cubes/toiletry containers.

  • kfnknfzk Hi!
    Great idea... I do have some.

  • Do you think "plastic (Saran) wrap counts? I usually wrap my liquids, small travel size, in plastic wrap and reuse it for the trip. Then I put them in a travel zip bag. The air pressure on some flights have caused leakage in the past that a real zip bag may not contain. How carefully do they check?

  • Use duck tape to wrap liquid containers.

  • I would not risk plastic wrap. I find if you avoid flip top bottles and get screw top instead, it reduces the risk of leakage.

  • Plastic wrap is definitely a no no.

  • Debi Horan Hi.
    A $500 fine will tell you how close they did check. :) Anything soft plastic is forbidden- it is an environmental issue- they are protecting their land... for us to enjoy and to keep animals safe.
    Your call.

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    I have something similar to this and I have others with a gusset bottom. Amazon

    10 Pack Dishwasher Safe Reusable Food Storage Bags (5 Reusable Sandwich Bags, 3 Reusable Snack Bags, 2 Freezer Gallon Bags), Extra Thick Leakproof Silicone Free Plastic Bags
    Touch the image to zoom in
    Oh well, sorry, not at home can’t post the pic

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    I stopped using Baggies and Zip Lock bags - I use Stasher bags. Leakproof silicon bags.

  • NancyCohen hI.
    Those are fancy. :)

  • Yes, those are the ones

  • They are expensive (try to catch a sale) but they seal very firmly and can be put in the dishwasher.

  • You can get them much cheaper, when I said those were the ones, i did not mean the exact ones. Just do a search on Amazon and all brands will come up

  • Thank your all the ideas. Shots done. The travel Dr. wants us to get another booster because the old variants are the ones in Africa.

  • Yes, but the group you will be touring with will have the ones in the US, they are likely to be the ones giving you Covid.

  • Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the feedback. My confusion has ceased. I will be packing carefully.

  • British, you are right but that vaccine won't be out till late fall, I've heard.

  • Late October - November is the last I saw about the new vaccine that supposedly targets Omicron BA.4 and BA.5. I'll get as soon as I can.

    Plastic bags, just make sure they are not single use. Anything with a zipper or vinyl + fabric is probably OK. Ziploc, hmmm, I think you would be taking a chance.

    There are a lot of other objects made from plastic which are rarely re-used and end up in the land fill. If they are eventually prohibited, could be problematic for travelers- e.g. plastic containers for soaps, shampoos, beauty products, medicines, etc. and the list goes on.

  • Debi, don’t delay your fourth booster, no guarantee when the new one will be available. Our group has yet another person come down with Covid, 11 of 39 and judging by two more with bad coughs, maybe more.

  • My Doctor recommended to get it two weeks before departure for maximum benefit and not so close to the yellow fever vaccine. Thanks for all the tips.

  • Our doctor said the same thing … two weeks … but not less. Our pharmacist said we needed two weeks for the booster to become effective. He had us all counting on our fingers. Our departure was in thirteen days, but most of the first day was in an airport hotel.

  • milmil
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    Which booster are you guys talking about, #4? I got #4 the next day it was announced available. 2-3 month ago..

  • Six months after number three is what the immunologists says is best, we got in then, two weeks before we were due to go to a potentially superspreader. And near enough this vacation.

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    Fauci and others are saying drug manufacturers are being urged by the Administration to accelerate the release of a retooled booster which will contain components to counter omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 as well as the original formula. Depending on the source, they could be available as early as mid-September.

  • Considering the high transmissions right now, the virus will have mutated so much by then, 4 and 5 will be history. Don’t delay getting 4 th booster waiting for a new one to be available. Just hope any mutations make the virus weaker not worse.

  • Part of recent article

    “Getting vaccinated now will not prevent you from getting an authorized variant-specific vaccine in the fall or winter when they are recommended for you,” the agency wrote. “Given recent increases in deaths and hospitalizations associated with the BA.5 variant, everyone should stay up to date with recommended Covid-19 vaccinations.”

    Dieckhaus says getting your first booster shot now could line up nicely with the anticipated timing of omicron-specific boosters in the fall by acting as a coverage bridge: Your temporary antibody boost against infection will likely decline right as those updated shots come out.

    He notes that he used to advise people to consider waiting for omicron-specific vaccines, but that’s no longer a safe option due to BA.5′s transmissibility.

    “If there’s ‘not a problem’ or minimal problem, you can bide your time and wait. But unfortunately, now the virus is more active,” Dieckhaus says.

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