Should be plan to bring snacks on the K & T safari drives? Some of the meals seem to be served later than usual.


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    I don't recall ever feeling like I needed a snack on K&T. Maybe if you are a grazer rather than someone who eats mainly at meal times, snacks might be a good idea. Our game drives started early (I suspect to avoid the midday heat) during B,SA,Z, so we always stopped for a mid-morning break in the bush (got out of the vehicles) for coffee/tea/water/juice/Amarula (and sometimes softdrinks even wine during afternoon game drives) and some sort of cookie or biscotti.

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    We did not carry snacks on the K & T trip - when we are eating regular meals, we generally do not snack. If you are concerned, you could bring a few emergency candy bars, or whatever you like to snack on.

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    On our first Safari trip, we were advised not to have any food in the tents so that it did not attract little creatures or even baboons to break into the tents. But since then there have been a number of conversations here where people have said they did take snacks. Now whether they needed them I don’t know and it was mainly discoursed about the Bridges Safari. Because we were raised in a culture where snacks were thought of as a no no, eating in between meals caused tooth decay, we tend not to eat them—-funny since the British have a reputation for bad teeth. Whenever we have been on a Tauck tour, we come home overweight and never wanting to see food again.
    We did travel on Safari with another tour company, that was different, we went seven hours one day without being offered food and on one stop in the bush they did not have enough coffee for us all to be able to have a cup. Tauck is not like that.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Good info. I guess if one thinks they will be hungry they could grab a banana or bagel or some such thing from the hotel if available? Or look at it as an opportunity to get off the “snack train”???? LOL

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    We did the Bridges Tanzania tour in December and were never hungry. There was always enough food and if it was a prepared box lunch or something like that, there was always food leftover to take with you.

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    Be careful not to walk out of your room with any food in your hands. This will attract monkeys or baboons very quickly. I saw this happen twice on our trips.

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