Sept 4-19 2019 Botswana zambia south africa



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    That big fella visited camp when we were there. Those hyena cubs are really young! Spotted Hyena cubs are born with dark coats that start to lighten up at three weeks. A typical litter is 2 - 3 cubs. It looks like there are 4 in this photo, unless, they are from two separate litters.

    Update My wife informed that it could be a "nursery den" with cubs from more than one mother. She just read Cry of the Kalahari by Mark and Delia Owens. It is true story about a young American couple who literally spent their honeymoon and the next seven years studying Brown Hyenas and Lions in a remote and totally devoid of humans area of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.

  • Memories memories, he was probably one of the little cubs we saw. It was a bigger litter. I know only one pair breeds in a pack and hey, females rule in Hyena life!

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    sept 10 We got up this morning at 5:30 to go on a safari at 6:30. Today we saw wild dogs and lions and a leopard. There are so many amazing animals! We had lunch and went on another safari. Then we had dinner at a BOMA.
    wild dog



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    Wednesday September 11, we got up at 5:30 and went on a safari. We saw 5 hyenas with babies and 2 leopards. We then had lunch. Then we flew to our next camp…eagle island another Belmond camp. We are assigned room 4. We went on a canoe ride on the little pond. We had dinner and then retired to our rooms…. another day of amazing sights.
    leopard 1

    and the second leopard

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    Thursday September 12, today we had breakfast then went on safari. We saw a male and female lion together, a herd of elephants with 4 babies, a mom and baby giraffe, wild dogs with puppies…so many amazing creatures. Then we took a helicopter ride over the Kalahari. Later we took a walking safari. WE watched a movie about the Kalahari, had dinner and went to bed.
    baby giraffe

    baby elephants in the herd

    male lion

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    Wonderful photos Cathy,
    Recognize Chris from the back with his bag of Tauck goodies

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    cathyandsteve, 2:41PM, Thursday September 12, today we . . . wild dogs with puppies…

    I feel shortchanged!!! I wanna go back!! We only had two leopard sightings - one through the bush- no photo- and one about 6-8 feet away, but is was a night shot. No Hyena or Wild Dog pups either!!! :/ :/

    Actually, the only wild dog pup in your photos (the one in your second post after the sunset) is a juvenile. All the other pups in your photos are hyenas. :) (hyena- spots, short back legs vs wild dog- splotches and bigger ears)

    Great shots!!

  • Friday September 13, today we had breakfast then went to the village. Then we flew to our next camp …Camp Kalahari in the Makgadikgadi pans. We got tent 10. We went for a walk with the bushman.

    Kalahari cmp


  • Saturday sept 14, we got up and went to visit the meerkats. We rode ATVs. We spent the night in the pans under the stars.



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