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  • Really wish Tauck will make the call on the April 15th France River cruise we all know it is not going to occur. If I cancel I lose money.

  • Catsoos, what is the advantage to you cancelling? It’s not that you can decide to go anyway else just now. Please just wait it out. I assume you took out the insurance.and if you booked your air with Tauck, that’s going to be an advantage too.

  • British have the insurance and they booked my airfare so should be fine. Just getting anxious like everything else going on. I am retiring after 46 yrs on 3/31 so added stress of training via Skype. This site has been a life line,.

  • Catsoos, my trip is April 16th London and river cruise in the Seine. I think Tauck is dealing with all the Oberammergau cancellations at this time. I retired last year, best thing I did, congratulations on your retirement.

  • We were scheduled for the Oberammergau/Danube trip beginning May 31st and still haven't heard anything. I am sure Tauck customer service reps are overwhelmed.

  • cvc...they are over-whelmed but in good spirits. I just called to book a trip for 2021 and was surprised it didn't take long to get through. The agent I spoke to was very pleasant and i could hear the smile in her voice.

  • No question - Tauck has great people!

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    CVC Oberammergau is delayed until 2022. I guess you heard, you just mean Tauck has not called to tell you it’s canceled yet. Such a shame for the town

  • We are booked for a Singapore-Bali tour for October 2020. I doubt we will go and called Tauck to find out our options, but can't through and the message asks not to call until you get closer to your trip. Does anyone know the policy if we canceled now? We have our deposit paid and bought the insurance. We have health issues that make travel in these uncertain times inadvisable and know we will cancel. Don't know if we should wait to see if Tauck cancels, but from what I see, they have been waiting until the last minute for most cancellations. Would we get our deposit back? Could we put into a Tauck bank for use on a future trip? Same with the insurance. I would like some guidance (if anyone has good information) so I can plan ahead. The entire trip, including a personal trip at the end of Tauck to Shangai and London, are all booked on FF tickets which were hard to come by. I would rather cancel early so we have the points with each airline to use for new plans. Thanks for any insight into my situation, which I doubt is unique. BTW, welcome home Briitish!

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    Thank you Sandman... I just corrected all my errors in the above email. I’m still rather jet lagged!
    As it happens, apart from just starting to claim for the two thirds of the recent tour we were just evacuated from, not with Tauck. We have a Tauck Croatia ending in Venice In June AND the Singapore Bali trip also in October! Originally that was supposed to be In September, but Tauck called us, said the trip was not selling well and offered us the October 3rd date. They paid for the change fees on the flights by check and it came in a matter of days. As stated in their previous info about tour cancelations, I am sure you would lose out if you cancel. We are waiting it out for both trips. It’s not as if you will be able to go anywhere else this year the way things are going. It seems from their published info that they will not give the insurance back, but put it in a Dreamsaver account to use in a future tour but within a year time frame. For us, the question will be, as we already have two tours booked with them next year already, plus another trip, will they let us bank that money in a Dreamsaver for 2022 trips. We don’t think we will want to do another trip in 2021, not least because of where the stock market is right now, never mind finding time to go.

    You will get your deposit back, if they cancel, but I’m thinking as it is unusual circumstances, , they may have the right to ask you take it in the form of a travel credit. When it comes to them calling us, we are hoping we can put this money into what we will owe for our Israel and Jordan tour in April 2021....but maybe that may not go ahead!
    As we have just come back from the same area as Singapore, I do warn you that the humidity is incredibly high, which I found pretty exhausting on a trip that was much more active than a Tauck trip, but just being out in the heat was tough.
    I do know that someone else on the forum was also asked to change her date for the tour. It is not selling well at all for whatever reason, so I think Tauck will drop it after this year. After 2008, Tauck had to reduce tours until things got better. Mr B so wanted to see the Komodo Dragons.
    But Sandman, you say you You are also going to Shanghai and London, you must be pretty fit to attempt such a huge Itinerary, we would never be able to do that after aTauck tour, I don’t know how people manage the stamina for back to back tours, we couldn’t and I consider us pretty fit for 66 and 67.
    Please wait it out, don’t cancel

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