Refund to your credit card for cancelled trip?

Has anyone received a refund to their credit card for a trip cancelled by Tauck? If so, how long did it take.
we were told it would take about 10 business days, but it is more than double that time frame


  • In the thread started by JAS54 you will see two responses to this. Their refunds ranged from 2 days to 2 weeks.

  • Joel:

    After checking my notes, I actually received my refund in 8 days, not business days. Tauck notified me on 3/16 and the amount was credited to my card on 3/24. Perhaps, due to the increase in the volume of canceled trips, it may take a bit longer. I would suggest, if you have concerns, that you follow up with Tauck for a status. I haven't heard of anyone not receiving their refund, they are a really good company with excellent customer service.

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    Joel, I would call Tauck at your earliest convenience just to check that they correctly initiated your refund. I am of course assuming htst you booked with Tauck directly. If you used a travel agent, then you are at their mercy—maybe they received it but are dragging their feet giving it to you.

  • Just found out Tauck issued a refund notice almost immediately upon canceling. The issue is with the bank(s) and NOT Tauck.

  • Tauck cancelled our river cruise in mid April and our travel agent contacted Tauck to be told that our money was refunded on April 27th to our two credit cards which are with major banks. I called both banks yesterday and they do not have the money yet. I am not sure what the process is but I would think it is handled electronically. It sure was when the charges were made to the credit cards. So I wait!

  • Our go to card is Amex, we got the cancel call on a Thursday evening from Tauck and on the Sunday, we noticed it was credited onto our card.

  • Besides the cards, another key difference is JohnSmall used a travel agent, while British did not. One less party for the transaction to go through.

  • I use a TA and when a payment is made, it always is listed as Tauck on my statement, not the TA.

  • I started the process to get a refund on our Tauck cancelled river cruise and a deposit on another trip on April 27th. A small refund appeared on my Citi Card on April 30th. The main refund on a Chase Visa has yet to appear 12 business days later.

  • A travel agent has nothing to do with the refund. Tauck automatically refunds the customer's credit card and at no time does it go through the travel agency. Been an agent for 45 years so have tons of experience.

  • I have been waiting four weeks for my refund. Think twice before doing business with Tauck.

  • Jdaviau, I'll trust Tauck over someone with little or no posting history on this forum. Those of us who have traveled extensively with the company know they have good customer service. You we don't know anything about.

  • Time to wave the flag.

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