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Just wanted to comment how much I enjoy these Compasses that Tauck started. I rarely get impressed by anything companies send out but these are impressive! Love the destination info, the recipes, and specials like the one about the elephants in today's Compass. Got acquainted with elephants in Tauck's Tanzania trip and really became impressed how intelligent they are.

Keep up the great work, Tauck!


  • Well, I signed up for compass last week and have received nothing.

  • British - I have had the same experience. This seems so random - just like who received the survey from Tauck.

  • Same here. Nothing.

  • I received the new Compass yesterday and also enjoyed very much the video about the elephants. It was amazing. I have not received a future travel survey from Tauck as of yet.

  • Well, I signed up for compass last week and have received nothing. I’d like to figure out why travel maven and alidor Can get the Compass. Do you both currently have Future trips booked withTauck?

  • British - I'm shocked! Perhaps you're loosing your 'Special Customer' luster (just teasing). I signed up about the same time as you it sounds like, and I haven't received anything yet either. I have two tours still on the books, with one likely to be cancelled.

  • I found this interview while trying to search for hte CompSs newsletter


  • British: No, I do not currently have any future trips booked with Tauck. I do want to travel with them again, but it will probably be awhile before that can happen. I don't really know why I started to receive the Compass. I know that I had signed up at various times in the past to be notified of upcoming new Tours they were coming out with and I would be put on a list with more detailed info. That is the only thing I can think of as to why I am receiving their e-mails. I hope you start receiving them soon.

  • I received a copy of the Compass yesterday--The BBC film on the elephants was very good. I have two trips booked but I hardly think that makes a difference.

  • It’s a mystery then! Alan S where are you, you are good at knowing these kind of things 😀

  • British - You might take the approach of resigning up every day until one gets a result. Seems crude, but Tauck’s approach to sending it out seems random.

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    I'll do some digging. Query sent.

  • I received Compass yesterday. I loved the video on the elephants especially since it’s likely we won’t be going to K&T this year as originally planned. I don’t recall signing up or doing anything special to request Compass—it just shows up in my email.

  • I received an email on April 14 announcing the "new" Compass (I think they used to send something similar in hard copy in the mail). I didn't see anywhere in the email to sign up for future copies nor was it listed when I checked the preferences link at the bottom.

    I never received anything further, although it says that it is a weekly newsletter. I have travelled with Tauck since 1993 and have been on 13 tours with them and have another booked this December. Not sure what sort of algorithm they are using to send out the surveys and Compass emails.

  • Ah Travelcrazy, at least we know it is something new. Colin Treadwell was also good. Still miss the old website, I hardly ever look at ht3new one these days, it’s so tedious to quickly look for tours and details.

  • Just hang on. I think the IT folks are probably gone today, but I let you know what I find out tomorrow.

  • I recall receiving an email recently that "The Compass – Connecting the World" replaced the previous posting of writings by Arthur (?).

    "The Compass – Connecting the World" is a very informative and entertaining weekly publication of stories, articles and webinars for members of the "Tauck Community"

    Currently I have been following the lecture series including the recent; "Exclusively for Tauck, please join us for a special presentation on the Bordeaux wine region and an opportunity to improve your knowledge of its fabulous wines. This event will have a limit of 300 guests, please RSVP below."

    What I really like is the ability to ask questions and make comments during and after the "live" lecture.

    Tauck is advancing into the world of virtual program development by continuing to engage each participant in the travel experience.

    Just in case you missed it, participants were invited to participate in a BYOB virtual wine tasting.

    I actually learned more about French wines in general, the characteristics specific to Bordeaux wines and why I prefer Burgundy and Beaujolais wines.

    The experience reminded me of private wine tastings I enjoyed while traveling with Tauck in Stockholm, Sweden; Havana, Cuba; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Nanyuki, Kenya; Livingingstone, Zambia; Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Botswana; Cape Town, South Africa; and aboard Ponant ships sailing the Baltic Sea and the Antarctic Archipelago.

  • I've only received one Compass email but I follow Tauck on Facebook and a post today had a link to yoga classes offered online. Here is a link to "Insights -The Compass". https://thecompass.tauck.com/insights/
    Hope this helps.

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