• Can you summarize that in 25 words or less?

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    A couple of the points are: masks are required in the passageways and recommended in all other areas; everyone is temperature checked with each boarding; 5 berths kept free to isolate people if necessary; requires a “medical” all good before first boarding; all personal items ( luggage ) will get desanitized when brought aboard. You can read it for more of the details.

  • Can you summarize that in 25 words or less?

    "You are our prisoner. Stay in your cabin."

  • Remind me again why anyone would sail under these conditions.

  • Feels like a "Bubble Boy" situation.

  • Better pick a really nice cabin. That was pretty much my first thought months ago thinking of those poor souls stuck on cruise ships. That cheap cabin that sounded good when you had the run of the ship would get old fast stuck in it day after day.

  • Which again begs the question, why would you even consider sailing?

  • Potato, potahto, we’ll have to agree to disagree.

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    carhyandsteve: I am in your court. We are on the January 16 Antarctica trip and plan on being there. I have received the Ponant emails, and viewed their planned protocols. We have also sailed on Le Soleal before, and many areas on the ship could provide social distancing without moving a chair. The dining will be in two seatings instead of one with table service. I can’t wait to get that big red parka and get it going.

    P.S. January 16 is not sold out. (;-)

  • If you are happy to travel that’s great. I am concerned if there will be any flights to get you there, that’s the concern I have for my trips. I’m also concerned that if the US still has the highest number of cases, whether other countries will let US citizens in. Antarctica is a unique place and does not have the virus. But will Argentina let you in, see what I mean.

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    I'd rather be in the comfort of my own home and entertain myself with local amenities rather than go on a trip fraught with restrictions, uncertainty, attraction closures, etc.

    I currently have 3 trips scheduled. One has already been cancelled. I expect 2 more cancellations. The last one is scheduled for Nov 2021. I don't plan to reschedule anything for earlier than that trip. Pulling teeth from airlines to get refunded isn't fun.

  • I just read this article and it is so similar to what I was saying above

  • BKMD: wise and well stated, totally agree.

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