COVID-19 USA River Cruise Operating Protocol & Extended No Sail Order for 2020



  • Cathy, yes I use flonase as well. I did read of other studies that look at how well simple saline nasal irrigation could help in part by flushing out virus from the sinuses to reduce viral load. One study of colds found it could reduce duration. I frequently do the saline first to clear out the crud then the flonase.

  • Yikes, for nasal irrigation the water must be sterile. I thought it was a no no since incidences of amoeba being found that attacked the brain. My dr stopped my treatment after that warning.

  • I use only commercially produced saline spray - the Arm and Hammer aerosol version. The force of it took some getting used to but I didn't think I could do the whole netipot thing for several reasons. I have an internist friend who swears by Neilmed. One of the covid studies adds a tiny amount of baby shampoo which sounds weird but then my doctor recommends that for washing my eyelids so maybe.

  • I use boiled bottled water when using the Neilmed sinus kit. i try to remember to do a sinus rinse at least 2x/week. it really makes a difference.

  • Boy have we gone out on a tangent 🤪🤪

  • I was surprised to see in the new announcement that Tauck is only canceling trips through September 15th (I really expected them to cancel the rest of the year). I guess they are being hopeful that all this will end by September 16th, what a silly dream that is.

  • No, I don’t think they are hopeful, they are just cancelling in batches so they are not overwhelmed, a bit like we are social distancing and wearing masks, well some of us are anyway 🤪

  • I don’t think they are hopeful, they are just cancelling in batches so they are not overwhelmed

    Exactly. They are flattening the customer phone call curve by cancelling one month at a time.

  • You are right British, it makes sense that they are doing it in batches.

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