• Ok, where did you get this?

  • Looks like Alan hasn't had a haircut for a while...

  • Claudia Sails
    Ok, where did you get this?

    I sorta designed it on the website of Easy Canvas Prints, the place I've been getting my travel photos printed. They do nice work and are usually fast. They also print photos on pillows and a few other items, but for awhile now have also been doing custom "Face Coverlets." It takes longer to get a mask- they probably do the photo printing but send the material out to be stitched into a mask. The masks have a pocket in the back where you can insert a regular mask or additional layers of fabric or filter material- I guess they are being careful with their marketing since it is not medical grade.

    You just upload an image of family, pets, etc. to their website where you can manipulate it. Instead of a photo, I added multiple copies of the Tauck logo. I haven't ordered one yet and may not do so- dang expensive- with S&H + tax, it works out to around $35 per mask!

    What you see is a preview of what I designed.

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    Claudia Sails
    A cheaper alternative would be to use iron-on inkjet printable sheets. Then you could just embellish a mask with whatever you want.

    Remember folks I was just messing around. I've got a color laser printer so couldn't do the iron method. I'll bet a local banner company could print a couple of yards of fabric fairly inexpensively. Maybe Tauck will or has already taken the hint :D

    I'm sure there are nicer looking or more tasteful designs using the Tauck logo. And again, I assume the logo is copyrighted and my limited understanding of that is you can make one (or more) for personal use but you can't make them to sell without permission from Tauck.

    Also, I would need to re-learn Photoshop or other program to do it right- it is doable, but, depending on the particular image and how the printer handles white areas, I might need or want to make the image background (white areas) transparent so the logo could be applied to any color material. Below is an illustration of what I mean. I just used a basic "Paint" program to change the background color on this logo from white to beige and blue-

  • I’m not sure Tauck likes their groups being identified, kinda makes us a target in some tourist areas. Great job though Alan!

  • We've only done European trips and the green Tauck neck straps on the vox boxes are pretty much a give away. What do they have for trips elsewhere?

    Note on the printable sheets, they specify whether they're meant for ironing on dark or light fabric.

  • I’m not sure Tauck likes their groups being identified,

    Their buses aren't incognito.

  • Actually bkmd, I've been on tours where some of the buses don't have the fancy Tauck logos on the side. Especially river cruises where there might be 3 different buses used.

  • It depends on the bus company and contract. The murals are vinyl appliqués so easier to install and remove than paint. Tauck was using GrayLine buses which had appliqués in the UK. Our bus in Ireland did not have one. From what I remember buses with appliqués were used in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland (Alps tour), but not with the Danube cruises. Of course, all the Tauck (Scylla owned) river boats have a huge Tauck compass rose at the gangway. In addition to flag of the country of registry, I believe the riverboats fly a Tauck flag. Even our little excursion boat on the Romantic Germany tour flew a Tauck flag.

  • Our bus for England Scotland Wales

    Our bus for the Ireland tour.

  • Almost incognito buses in Panama.

  • I've contemplated from time to time getting matching Tauck logo'd shirts from Necessary Gear. Worried someone would think I was the TD.

  • Claudia - You get the shirts, but then put a sticky on it that says "I'm not the TD". :D

  • Or hijack the final dinner and collect the tips...

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    When we started touring with Tauck, they made a point of saying no identifying name tags, they were not that kind of tour company they said, as it is more upmarket.
    Our first Africa tour had bags with a zip off end bag which was a backpack, the best ever and a much more discreet logo. We used them for several Caribbean vacations when we just took carry on. That was in the days before restrictions on toiletries size, we needs tons of sunscreen.
    The buses had no logos, just a tiny Tauck sign. In fact, on our first tour with them, an Italy one, we had to wait outside the Rome airport and that bus had no Tauck sign at all, it was raining, our bags were wet and the bus was late and just pulled up and we got on, we went around again and picked up more people. There was no such thing as the ‘gift of time’ either, that started a few years after, so we got on the bus and started the tour. You recent converts are spoiled these days!
    Unless Tauck start selling masks, I should think they would want to reduce the amount of money giving out extra freebies right now. When they were giving out Tauck water bottles, do you remember how heavy they were, even empty. We used th3 ones we brought with us, we didn’t know they were going to give us bottles anyway.

  • Bkmd, I'm afraid instead we'd get some manager of a restaurant coming to us with the bill for the group.

    Sam, we've had the incognito buses on river cruises where it can get confusing to make sure you get on the right bus. Was grateful for the fancy picture bus at Windsor when we came out to the bus lot and were faced with a sea of buses -50-60 lined up in 2 rows. That pretty Tauck bus stood out nicely.

  • British -- I agree that the Tauck water bottles are too heavy. They were placed in the cabins on the Christmas Markets river cruise last December. I left them there because of the weight.

  • As stated, while those metal, refillable water bottles were a good idea to help keep from filling up landfills and the oceans with non-biodegradable plastic, they were too small and too heavy for practical use.

    I've used these water bottles for years and they are excellent for hiking and biking:
    They are insulated (not as well as a thermos) and lightweight. One way to keep your water extra cold is fill the bottle halfway with ice and halfway with water before you leave. You can buy them in most bike shops, REI, etc.

  • The stainless steel water bottles on the river cruises started the 2019 season along with dispensers in the shower for soap and shampoo rather than disposable travel sized bottles.

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    Another view of the E,S,W bus:

    Romantic Germany:

    Ultimate Alps & Dolomites (same as Romantic Germany?):

    I wonder if they use the same applique since the tour no longer stops at Neuschwanstein?

    No classic Italy. :/

  • If we're doing bus pictures, here is our bus at Lough Eske Castle.

  • I hate to admit it, but I've never taken a picture of the bus :)

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