Cowboy 2021 June 20th - Any Children going - what age?

Cowboy Country Trip 2021 , June 20, I will be traveling with three grand kids (10, 11 & 12), would like to know if anyone sign up to go on this trip. And if anyone has an old schedule that would help us plan better.


  • I have no direct knowledge on this tour but from past experience on the forum, those who take the Bridges tours don't tend to participate in the forum. If you want to know something like how many other kids are on the tour and their ages, call Tauck and they'll give you the info (no names just numbers).

    Also re schedule, so many things can affect the detailed itinerary for a trip that any previous schedule should be used with some caution. Things like weather, traffic, special events in the area, etc can all cause the TD to make changes. And that was before covid started complicating things. I'm an over planner myself but have learned the hard way on tours to be flexible once the tour actually starts.

    Best of luck on your trip.

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    Taking my Grandkids, two are young girls - had to use two pictures -
    So I called this trip "Cowgirls / Cowboy Tour"

  • Gilbertgeorge: Great images. Thanks for posting.

  • Email from Tauck April 7th.

    We are delighted to begin welcoming back our valued patrons on all domestic tours beginning June 2021! Prior to then, we will continue re-opening our Eastern USA tours according to the timeline noted below.

    • Tours starting in June 2021: ALL USA TOURS

    COWBOY TOUR – Let’s go!

  • Have fun, do let us know how it goes!

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    Tauck has said, "We will notify booked guests of the final day-by-day details three weeks prior to departure." :)

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