Tauck/Scylla River boats



  • When our Israel and Jordan tour was cancelled today, I’m sure the agent said all tours were canceled until the end of April amd I don’t think she just meant that destination, she meant all tours

  • From what I was told, Tauck is still taking a phased approach to cancelling trips, doing it in batches. That gives them time to personally notify everyone affected, to get their re-booking druthers, and so everyone isn't trying to call at one time.

    Even though Windstar Cruises who provides the boat for Tauck's Treasures of the Aegean, announced on Wednesday they were extending the hold on sailings thru June, Tauck hasn't cancelled our May departure or changed the website, and might not do so for another month. I doubt Windstar will change their mind, so the cruise won't go. Tauck is waiting a month or so before formally cancelling.

  • Alan you are right, Tauck is waiting until after March 16th to announce my river tour cruise cancelation.

  • When we spoke to the Tauck agent the other day when our particular tour was cancelled, she made particular mention of the few tours that had gone ahead recently, such as 7 Yellowstone in Winter tours....it’s been like Yellowstone in Winter here for about the past six weeks anyway 😀 I think some U S tours could go ahead this year. I suggested Tauck might resurrect the summer tours of Colorado which we took years ago and loved it.
    I have reservations about going on any first time back after Covid tour, I’d like be in the tour after that one when all the problems have been ironed out.

  • I have a feeling the cancellation process is going to be more confusing this year as some tours go and others don't.

  • Though I hated to have any of our 2021 tours cancelled, in our case we have slightly over a year for vaccinations, infection rates, etc. to turn around here and around the world. We also have a long time before we begin even think (again?) if our tours will go- a breather if you will. :|

    On the other hand, we still have a YEAR to wait before we travel again. I hate to waste my life waiting, but in many respects, that is about all we can do when considering travel. :/

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