4th Time is the "new" charm?

With the continuing uncertainty and reports of cancellations, we could start a pool to see who will be the first person to have their third booking cancelled (not self-cancelled) and has re-booked the same tour for a 4th time. :(:'(:s

What will the winner get?


  • AlanS - The answer is, the winner gets further education. I think there is some saying like 'Fool me once, .... :D

  • Don’t think so. We rebooked Israel and Jordan next March. We asked for our money back for Singapore Bali for last September, then booked it a couple of months later for 2022. The other vacations we have had canceled, they were not ‘Now’ priority. We don’t have a wish list, we keep finding other places we want to go. Not sure we will book any more tours for now, but never say never, we have booked two US beach vacations this past week.

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    Come on Alan...some of us don’t have your confidence to wait til Tauck cancels!! Let us wimps join your contest!! I’m on my 3rd try for Morocco...I NEED A

  • I'm not even close and right now not sure I'll attempt to resked. Was a bit annoyed last year that Tauck made it harder than it should be. We specifically wanted a Sep classic sized Switzerland tour which meant we had to wait til July to have ours canceled. Last April I saw the writing on the wall and booked the closest date for that sized tour in 2021 which ended up being 29 Aug. Had to pay another Guest Protection fee. Was glad I did at the time but they later added more Sep starts including a classic by that point we couldn't switch for other reasons. This time I'll just wait it out. Maybe rebook it, maybe just tour Switzerland on our own and move all the money to our late Oct Douro cruise.

  • Monday is a "special" day for us- 365 days until our next tour. :(

  • Today is 365 days till mine! (I'm assuming that my June and Sept. tours will be cancelled.)

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