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  • My first Tauck tour was called Autumn Boston (no longer offered) with my Mom back in 1993. I loved every minute of it. Coming from California, I couldn't believe how beautiful the fall colors actually were...we had a good year and they looked like paintings. I fell in love with the Mirror Lake Inn and the people we met. I was teary when it was over. I'll never forget the Welcome Reception where they asked people how many tours they had been on. Back then, it was rare for people to have taken very many, but right then my goal became to make it to ten. I finally did that and was supposed to take my 14th last December until it was rescheduled to this year. Fingers crossed.

    All together, I've done six tours with another person and seven solo; eight land tours and five river cruises.

  • Our first Tauck trip was 2017 river cruise Amsterdam to Budapest.

  • Our first was Treasures of the Aegean in May 2011. As we were driving in to Athens, the TD told us we had to come in to the hotel the back way due to a “disturbance.” It was also suggested we not leave the hotel for dinner. That was the beginning of the Greek anti-austerity protests. We watched thousands of folks gathered outside Parliament from the rooftop bar of the Grand Bretagne. Quite the sight with the Acropolis in the background. Luckily this protest was peaceful. I don’t think they turned violent until the next month.

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    DottieD - We may have been on the same tour. We experienced the same protests in May 2011. There might have been more than one tour in May.

    DottieD - Are you in this group photo?

    Here are a few photos of the protestors and the police guarding Parliament.

  • Grand Australia & New Zealand. I thought I would take this trip with Lindblad Expeditions (Nat Geo) but they didn't offer a combined AUS-NZ itinerary at that time. I was on a Nat Geo trip at the time and mentioned my dilemma. A couple I was dining with had taken the AUS-NZ trip with Tauck and highly recommended I look into their offering...I haven't looked back since! Virginia_Travelers- I remember dining at the revolving restaurant. It think it was our second night in Sydney. It was fabulous!

  • My first Tauck tour was Egypt & Jordan in 2007.

  • Sam, looks like it was a different tour. Don’t recognize anyone in that photo. Maybe next time. Where did you say you were going next (hopefully).

  • Our first trip was in 1993. It came out shortly after Tauck introduced their Yellow Roads of Europe. It was called Benelux to Switzerland. It was totally on land and began in Amsterdam and ended in Lucerne. It was a two week tour and had stays in Bruges, Luxembourg, Alsace, and the Black Forest. It was a land tour that was later replaced by the Rhine River cruise.

    Our travel agent suggested it because it was different. We enjoyed staying in smaller towns such as Bruges and Obernai (Alsace) where the hotels were smaller and we were able to experience the towns. In both of these places Tauck had the group staying in two different hotels.

    We met some interesting people on this tour including two ladies from the Hill in St. Louis. One was Yogi Berra's cousin. They both grew up with the priest who was my husband's HS Latin teacher in KC as well as with Joe Garagiola. Through Yogi they got to go to NY where they met Yankees such as Joe DiMaggio. I even got a good risotto recipe form one of them!

    While we were not in a full travel mode at that point and only went on a few tours in the following years, my husband always remembers that of the first three Tauck tours we took, two were no longer in existence soon afterwards.

  • First tour was Legends of the West. After that we were hooked on Tauck. Since then we have been on the CLassic Italy, Budapest to Amsterdam River cruise and England, Scotland and Wales.
    Would not travel with any other company.

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    What a great topic! Thank you, Karenna. These are the kind of posts that exemplify the purpose of this forum, as well as what should be the camaraderie of all Tauck travelers.

    Our first Tauck tour was Grand New England. Like many, we were hooked and have traveled exclusively with Tauck ever since.

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    Looks like the Masked Flagger might be back.

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