Pharoahs' Golden Parade

A friend whom I met on my Egypt tour (not with Tauck, because Tauck wasn't going there at the time), who loves all things Egypt, sent me a link to this article about the upcoming Golden Parade, which will move mummies from the current museum to the GEM on April 3. I thought of AlanS when I saw it. I wish I knew how to include a hyperlink in this message, but if you retype the link, it will get you there:'s-long-awaited-Pharoahs'-Golden-Parade-will-take-place-on

If anyone finds out whether the parade will be shown on line, please post the information,


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    Here ya go:’s-long-awaited-Pharaohs’-Golden-Parade-will-take-place-on

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    MCD, thanks for posting.

    For all, when I search for GEM updates and new archaeological discoveries in Egypt, "Egypt Today" is my 'go to' source. You can quickly learn what is happening there by doing a Google search on "Grand Egyptian Museum" or "GEM" then selecting "News." Here is the title of the first hit I just got: CAIRO - 19 March 2021: Tutankhamun‘s dagger soon to be on display as part of the Tutankhamun Collection at the Grand Egyptian Museum.

  • Austin Gal here,
    TY MCD and Alan. The Golden Parade must be a really big deal today, I heard about it on the Today Show this morning. Moving 30 mummys through the streets of Cairo in a grand parade to their new home at the GED. Complete with a presidential guard and gun salute at the end. Perhaps Alan's link will show the parade? Yeaaa, I now have hopes that all will be installed and settled by my February trip? (Hoping the Mummy's curse doesn't fowl this up) >:)

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    When I read about the Golden Parade of mummies, the first thing that came to mind was dancing mummies in a Mardi Gra-like parade. That morphed into a vision of Steve Martin and a cast of mummies dancing to his "King Tut" song (buried in his jammies)- This must be sign, of what I'm not sure, but I'll stand by, because I know Smiling Sam will have an opinion! :D

    Twenty two royal mummies (18 kings and four queens) including Ramses II (Ramses the Great) and Queen Hatshepsut, were transported from the old Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in the Fustat area, which is east of the GEM across the Nile. The procession was supposedly live streamed but I didn't see it. I haven't looked for an archived version. The mummies were discovered in 1881 and 1898 in two caches in the ruins of Thebes, Egypt's ancient capital - modern day Luxor in Upper Egypt.

    Though of lesser stature than the kings, all the recent discoveries at the tombs of the Nobles at Qubbet el-Hawa on the west bank across the Nile from our hotel in Aswan, Gebel el-Silsila on the west bank about halfway between the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Temple of Horus at Edfu along the way to Luxor, Luxor area, the necropolis at Saqqara and Dahshur, there is no shortage of mummies and highly decorated wooden sarcophagi available for display in Egypt!!

    FYI, though there were no celebratory parades, armed police and/or military have been escorting many of the larger and valuable antiquities from the old museum to the GEM over the past year.

    Links to articles about the Golden Parade

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    It was actually quite an event (Olympics opening ceremony or Cecille B. DeMille- ish!). Everyone going or contemplating going to Egypt should watch the entire program.

    It even made the cover page of the Washington Post !

    To put it in context- consider what it would look like if Britain had a ceremony for and paraded 20 of their kings and queens!!!! In view of this elaborate ceremony for the opening of a smaller museum, you gotta wonder what the opening of the GEM will be like? Holy moly, Batman!!!

    Below is a link to a recording of the live stream by (RT!). When you first click it will say the the program is over or hasn't started yet, you'll see a test pattern and hear a loud tone. Just hang in there. At 1:18.08 you'll see a countdown timer at the top of the screen showing how much time remains before the start of the program.

    Shown first is a tour of the new museum- it looks very nice. Unfortunately narration in this and all versions I've found so far is all in Arabic though certain segments like the museum video, have subtitles. Then there is the official pageantry, pomp and circumstance ceremony and show (with full orchestra, choir, and other performers) and an interesting video tour of the new and renovated museums throughout Cairo and elsewhere, a number of which are visited on Tauck's Egypt tours.

    The video is, however, an unabashed tribute to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi :o who attended the ceremony along with other dignitaries foreign and domestic. Finally there is the arrival of the mummies in decked-out transports (for more video of the transports see the second link below) The real parade was a bit fancier than shown in Mil's video which may have been taken when they pre-positioned the vehicles earlier in the day, not the actual parade. Somewhere, before they left or arrived at the new museum there was large drum line performance, etc.. )

  • Austin Gal here;
    :D:D I'm with you Mil. I'm originally from Houston and use to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo parade. Where are the Horses, floats, glitter ,pizzaz and that wonderful horse smell? Must be a USA thing? :D Frightful seeing people step between the mummy cars. :o

  • Austin Gal- see my updated post above.

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    Click the link:

    Walk like an Egyptian

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    No, no, no, not that one, not the Bangles- the Steve Martin/Saturday Night Live version!

  • Alan - Apparently our anonymous flagger likes my version better.

  • Here's the program with dubbed English (and it starts almost immediately without the 1h19m of test pattern that AlanS' link starts with):

  • Portolan
    Here's the program with dubbed English . . . .

    Thanks! I knew if I waited long enough and someone did a better search . . .

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  • Gotta be more than one flagger- an individual can only flag once- if you try for two the first one goes away.

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    I think Alan and I know who it is! It’s usually when someone posts off topic or if they don’t agree with whoever is posting.

  • Here’s a minute long look at the parade with info on what is happening next
    Egypt mummies: Parade transports remains of pharaohs

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