Egypt is calling me!!

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In today's Washington Post: "In the tombs of Saqqara, new discoveries are rewriting ancient Egypt’s history." (link) (you can read it without a subscription if you haven't exceeded three articles this month.)

The article is mostly a rehash of previous discoveries, but interesting just the same. Then, in today's mail, I received "A Guide to the Tombs and Temples of Ancient Luxor, Thebes in Egypt," a book I ordered last week. It was published in 1999, so a bit out of date, but it should still have a lot of good information- history doesn't change, only our interpretation of it.


  • Did you call Egypt back? :D:D:D

  • Alan - Do you see dead people?

  • Alan - You will have enough knowledge of tombs and crypts by the time you visit Egypt that you should consider designing one for when you pass away. You could start a new tourist industry in North Carolina for future generations. Imagine, they would come from far and wide to see the tomb of Alan I - the first pharaoh of North Carolina!!!

  • Smiling Sam
    Alan . . . . they would come from far and wide to see the tomb of Alan I - the first pharaoh of North Carolina!!!

    How about Alenamenhotep I? It has a better ring to it don't ya think? :D Somewhat related to the tombs of the pharaohs and what they did with the internal organs of the mummies, it is more likely what is left of me or my dust will end up in a canopic jar (or maybe just an old coffee tin) sitting on a shelf somewhere.

    This week I communicated with the J&E tour development team- while little to no change is expected to the itinerary in Thebes (Luxor) due to the recent discoveries, the bus will still slow or stop so we can catch a glimpse and the Egyptologist accompanying us can point out and explain significant sites along our west bank route, including new ones like the "Golden City".

    They assured me however, if the GEM is open we will visit it. They didn't offer any details, e.g. for how long, whether something will be dropped from the itinerary, etc. Since there will be nothing much left at the old Egyptian Museum, it can obviously be dropped from the schedule. However, its contents will be split between the GEM and the also-new NMEC (National Museum of Egyptian Culture), where they recently moved the royal mummies. I forgot to ask about the NMEC. :/

  • Alenamenhotep I - are you planning on visiting the GEM in the next month or so to get fully briefed on what Taucktorians can expect to see on their Egypt trips so you can brief the forum based on your high level executive briefing ?

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    Funny you should ask! Actually, in view of the few Egypt tours that went in 2020 before they were all cancelled due to the pandemic and the many new discoveries since then, and the GEM, when I asked if changes or revisions would be made, I also asked if Tauck would do a dry/test run, and if so, whether they ever took guests. I said I'd volunteer in a heart beat!. :) I'll even carry my own bags. :D Unfortunately, just a few tour development team members and a few TD's are all that go. As far as the person I spoke with knew, no test runs are planned for J&E.

  • Alan - is Virginia_Travellers asking to see your briefs?

  • BSP51
    Alan - is Virginia_Travellers asking to see your briefs?

    Based on Alan's self portrait emoji above it appears he doesn't wear briefs. For that matter it appears he only wears shoes. I wouldn't want to be on that tour! :D

  • Alan, have you seen and read this fascinating article
    Pregnant Egyptian mummy revealed by scientists

    The ad for the movie at the end.....The Dig. Is also a great movie to watch, oh it’s not about Egypt

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