Kingdoms and Dragons

It seems that Singapore is still not open for tourists other than perhaps select countries....not US tourists. We so want to do this tour...perhaps by 2022 or 2023? I see where many of the 2022 dates are sold out or limited...wishful thinking?


  • When our 2020 Singapore tour was canceled, we just asked for our deposition back. A few months later, we booked it for 2022. We pretty much thought 2021 was not going to happen for most travel.

  • British
    When our 2020 Singapore tour was canceled, we just asked for our deposition back.

    It's a shame you had to go to court to get your 'deposit' back. :D

  • Sam - So when will that Judge Judy episode air?

  • Come on guys, give British a break! You know it was just a case of autocrat. :D

    It is too early for this, but I just couldn't resist. >:) Sorry British. ;)

    I'm just jealous and lashing out because everyone else (especially, you Sam) will be traveling again months before us. :D
    267 Days! :'(

  • Oh my goodness, it was the middle of the night! Yes Sam, Judge Judy as you know.😜

  • British - do you ever sleep?

  • British when is your 2022 Singapore tour?

  • edited June 2021

    BKMD, I’m great at falling asleep, just not good at staying asleep, I can wake quite a lot… I don’t have sleep apnea. I very often wake around 4am and am awake for about an hour before I can fall asleep again, but then I’m usually awake around 6am. I also get song worms especially when I m in a show. Other people’s songs go thru my head then which is even more annoying. I put it down to shift work when I was younger as well as not having a thyroid any more. Although my meds are correct, I understand that can add to the problem. I really should have been born before the last century when it was normal to have sleep one and sleep two every night.
    We are having fun this week but already exhausted.I’ve got a bit of a break from looking after grandchildren for the week. Our son and his wife have gone to Turks and Caicos. All the young people we know seem to be going to Mexico and the Caribbean.For us, The zoo, taking back and forth to camp today, the mall for new shoes, a request to go to Five Below and lots of asking for snacks. My kids never had snacks, it bugs me that one. Our grandson woke us four times the first night,
    I guaranteed I’ll still be awake at four tonight

  • Gladys, September 2022

  • British, I'm going on September 3 tour. My sleeping habits are very similar to yours, I also wake up at 4 each night and stay up for an hour, sometimes I sleep until 6 or 6:30. I'm babysitting my 18 month great-granddaughter this weekend, it should be very interesting as she has quite the attitude lately and has never been gone from her parents for that long. I hope I survive.

  • Just saw where 2023 dates opened for this Tour! Booking now…so many of the 2022 dates were taken (that fit our travel calendar). Happy Dance!

  • Hopefully, we will get to go in September 2022 and let you know how it goes. It will be our third try.

  • I have registered for this trip each of the past two years - am now signed up for August 2022 and hope it goes!

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