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In pictures: Egypt pharaoh's 'solar boat' moved to Giza museum


  • It is supposed to be placed in a "new" museum building, but I had a hard time finding where. One report appeared to imply it would be in a completely separate building at the GEM site while another article said, it would be placed in the "GEM’s Khufu Boat Museum" which is "currently being equipped with the latest scientific methods for museum display." I believe it is too big to go inside the GEM proper. Finally I found this in Arab News, "The boat will be displayed in a special area of 1,400 sq. m in the outer courtyard around the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)"

    Speaking of the GEM, no news about the opening. One article about the solar boat had this to say, "The Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to open towards the end of the year. While no date has yet been announced, several reports indicate it could be in October or November."

  • I read this in the Cairo News Tribune - The Grand Egyptian Museum will officially open with long awaited arrival of AlanS in March of 2022. A special tribute will be paid to AlanS, the Oracle of the Tauck Forum, at that time. All hail AlanS!!! :D

  • So they have taken everything from all other Museums.... lock them down and now opening next 2022, Naughty! :(
    Well, I'll see them in the discovery channel because 2022 I'll be going on a Safari to Africa.

  • Wait, wait, don't tell me!! They need to have a soft opening earlier so all is ready for me. :D

    From what it sounds like, most of the contents of the Old Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square have been moved to the GEM or the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NEMC.) One notable exception is the golden mask of Tut which will be moved just before the GEM's grand opening.

  • This is what the tour will be on that last day....
    Day 12 : After a sumptuous breakfast , mid day departure .
    We'll have a drive around the GEM Museum parking lot! .. the new world record never to be completed- wonder of the world.
    then headed to lunch to eat again... and finally in the Afternoon visit to the Covid-19 testing site. ..... where after another nose swab you will want to dye like a mummy .

  • HA, I just found this old post and thought this was funny. Here it is August 8, 2022!!!!!!! Lets see what happens in November!

  • JasonHeyse - For my tour in October they have changed the itinerary a bit based on things that have been moved into the GEM, but the GEM won't be open. Specifically, they replaced a visit to see the Solar Boat (which will be in the GEM vs it's own museum) with a visit to Saqqara to see the Step Pyramid.

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    Smiling Sam

    JasonHeyse (Austin Girl?)
    . . . . Specifically, they replaced a visit to see the Solar Boat (which will be in the GEM vs it's own museum) with a visit to Saqqara to see the Step Pyramid.

    Boy, what an optimist I was!

    Just remember, the "visit" to the Step Pyramid of Djoser will likely only include a short guided walk-around the colonnaded entry hall to the compound, and the South court, and a little free time to roam on your own- but no access to the subterranean interior which is now open and quite extensive (3.5 miles of corridors and chambers.) It is a huge complex and to see it adequately will take more time that it appears Tauck devotes. Also, the drive to Saqqara is longer from the St. Regis down town than from Giza. Depending on time it is possible you may get to visit the mastaba style tomb of Mereruka and the interior of the nearby rubble pyramid of Teti I. Saqqara is a bit of drive from Cairo, just to see the Step Pyramid. I would go two days early so I could spndt more time in Saqqara. Dahshur, and Giza.

  • AlanS - the Step Pyramid visit is being done from Giza, in the afternoon after seeing the Giza pyramids, Sphinx, etc. in the morning.

    Note: This is a Tauck itinerary change, not an optional excursion I am planning.

    I’m sure an afternoon will satisfy my viewing desires for the Step Pyramid. After experiencing the Chu Chi tunnels in Vietnam during that tour, anything subterranean must easily accommodate my 6’6” height.

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    Sam - Before you choose your next cave, make sure the word Grand or Grande is in its title. :)

    (edited for typo)

  • has the latest info on the GEM potential opening. updated as of this week. Now claiming to be 99% complete. Would be amazing , as our Tauck tour scheduled for 12/1/22 visit. However, this story has played like a broken record for some time.

  • Smiling Sam - We are going to Egypt: Jewels of the Nile next October 2024. Which trip are you going on this October 2023?

  • We leave for Egypt on October 4th (this year - 2022) and the tour starts on October 6th.

  • Smiling Sam - We are going in October 2023 and not 2024. Two days later we will be joining the tour "Magic of Morocco" to save money on the insurance and airfare.

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