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    mil...my group did like to dress up more than other groups I've been in, which was really nice.

    I like to dress up...so this is music to my ears :)

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    I, too, enjoy dressing up while on Tauck tours, not every day but certainly for the welcome, farewell and special evenings! To me, it makes for more festive gatherings.

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    I like to dress up, but I’m not so keen on doing so for Tauck tours because it takes away valuable space in the suitcase for practicle clothing. We always take something suitable but not what I would call cocktail. It entirely depends on the group you find yourself traveling with as to what people will be wearing. Our most recent non adventure type of Safari tour, I was the only person in a dress at the welcome dinner, some were in shorts and torn jeans.
    We have never found ourselves anywhere near the ‘bottom of the pack’ as far as what we wear on our tours.
    Same with our River cruise and small ship cruises.
    On our Warsaw, Budapest Vienna. Prague tour, one couple wore Safari clothing but maybe in blue and yellow too, even for the dinner at the palace. It really didn’t matter, they were delightful and the tour director said before we all rushed to get ready we did not need to dress up as it was only going to be our group.

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    I hear what you're saying, British. I, however, do not coordinate my attire based on what other people wear. Besides, one simple but classy black dress goes a long way when different accessories are added. Also, one pair of dress slacks with two different elegant tops also goes a long way. It helps that our luggage has a garment zip-out feature that keeps our dressier attire neat and wrinkle free.

    Safe travels.

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    mil - on the Oberoi, were there any formal nights where jacket and/or tie were required for men?
    I hate getting dressed up on vacation :)

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    Kfnknfzk, I totally agree with you, but that is not what I call cocktail wear.
    I was raised to consider black as something you wear at a funeral. I still try to avoid it, but as everyone else wears black, I have to use it in my wardrobe.
    BKMD. we agree on something. Mr B has never taken a jacket, but then he never appears at the Welcome dinner in a polo shirt which to me is a t shirt with a collar.

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    BKMD Hi!
    No jacket and/or tie required for men on the boat .
    The dress code for this tour is comfort. /casual ... it's hot and dusty , so no worries....

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    mil....The dress code for this tour is comfort. /casual ... it's hot and dusty , so no worries..

    How bad was the dust in Wadi Rum or during the entire trip for that matter. I keep picturing sand everywhere and feeling gritty at the end of the day ...ugh. Hopefully there are very nice showers and baths in the hotel...I have no doubt there are.

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    When I was doing my online research about what time of year to go to Egypt, I came across this:

    _Sand storms

    The Nile after the ″dragon storm″ in March 2020
    Every year, sometime from March to May, an extremely hot, dry and dusty wind blows from the south or the southwest. This wind is called khamasīn. When the flow of dry air continuously blows over vast desert regions, it picks up fine sand and dust particles and finally results in a dusty wind which is generally felt in the periphery of the desert. When this wind blows over Egypt, it causes high temperatures to soar temporarily at dangerous levels, usually over 45 °C (113 °F), the relative humidity levels to drop under 5%. The khamasīn causes sudden, early heat waves and the absolute highest temperature records in Egypt._

    Link to page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Egypt

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    PureLuxury my experience in Wadi Rum was perfect, not to hot, cryspy morning and no sand storms..... see some pics ![]

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    Mil - Your tour vehicles were sitting in the back of Toyota pickups? Interesting. Doesn’t really seem like the plushest of transportation that Tauck has provided. 😀

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    mil...my experience in Wadi Rum was perfect, not to hot, cryspy morning and no sand storms..... see some pics ![]

    Thanks for sharing the pics. After hearing about Alan and Sam's chaffing issues, I am re-thinking the idea of riding a camel in Wadi Rum. Was riding a camel an option and did anyone in your group ride the camel in Wadi Rum.

    Was there anything to see besides the amazing rock formations? What was the pace of the drive in the 4x4's?

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    Smiling Sam, et al,

    The pickups are because the Bedouins own/control Wadi Rum and this is their source of tourist income. We went to Wadi Rum many years ago (off a cruise) and it was the same. Depending on the size of the group (we had 80 or so), it was obvious that they called in the vehicles from across their tribe(?)/clan with a whole spectrum of newness/seating.

    Most importantly, vie for one of the first trucks because the following vehicles eat their dust.

    However, if you are on the October 17, 2022 tour you should try to get on one of the last trucks...

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    I'm writing my report ...

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