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  • More mask drama/food for thought: Friends just called from Newark Airport (United flight to LHR). Apparently several passengers refused to wear masks and were escorted off the plane; further delay while their luggage was retrieved. Have to wonder how they made it through security. The flight left about an hour late.

  • Yes, we heard of some who would not put on a mask and his flight turned back and passengers delayed at the terminal for a couple of hours. Then the plane took off again with that very same passenger on it but wearing a mask.

  • Many countries and airlines have removed the mask mandate according to ‘The Points Guy’, with different rules and poor communications causing a bit of chaos in airports and on airplanes. Some places you have to wear a mask in the airport but not on the airplane. Others, no mask in the airport but you have to mask up to board the plane. KLM has apparently just decided not to play the game anymore … they are not playing mask police.

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    There may be some renegade airports, but until April 18: The federal transportation mask mandate will remain in place through at least April 18, the TSA announced Thursday, requiring masks be worn onboard planes, in airports, and on other forms of transportation like trains and buses. Mar 10, 2022

  • It looks like the Covid testing requirement for inbound international passengers will continue for the forceable future. A Points Guy article I just read says the White House says no plans to ditch international testing requirements[link]. I was hoping this would be done with by next month. :(

  • To British
    If you buy a N95 mask they are not held on behind the ears but have a wrap around back of the head system.
    That’s the only kind I wear.

  • My husband wears an N95, I wear a KN95

  • British- same. My husband is a dentist; he's been wearing masks for years. I also wear a KN95 - doesn't mess up my hair!

    A woman needs to be safe AND stylish - with no make-up we need to feel put together...all I've got left is my hair (and maybe a colorful scarf!).

  • My colorful KN95’s are always being admired

  • With N95 masks in ample supply now, I don't understand why people would use anything less. It's like a condom with a few holes in it.

  • I’m with British on the KN95s, though I do plan to bring a few regular surgical masks for sleeping on the plane. KLM tells us we should bring several masks and change every three hours. I had read that KLM was going to quit enforcing masks, though that may not be for flights originating in the U.S. We’ll see next week.

  • I use the N95s as they go around my head; the others irritate my ears especially when worn for a long time. We are leaving for Israel-Jordan on 4/26, and have an ample supply. Lufthansa still requires masking as does the Frankfort airport where we connect. I’ve gotten so accustomed to wearing a mask, I almost feel like something is missing when I don’t!

  • I still haven't found a comfortable mask. I've not done it yet, but I have been tempted to cheat.

    A little like what I do when the in-flight seat belt sign comes on and I'm reclined and trying to sleep- I extend the buckle as far as it will go so it is out of sight on the far side of my body. But, I don't snap it in. The belt just lays across my body, but to flight attendants it looks like I'm buckled up. :D

  • So now I understood why you probably got Covid on the plane !

  • British
    April 9
    So now I understood why you probably got Covid on the plane !

    I said I was 'tempted' to cheat. :D I was masked the entire time in the lounge and during the flight, but I'm sure the lady coughing up a lung (likely with COVID) sprayed enough little buggers around in the lounge or cabin to infect more than just me regardless of my mask. :D

    As to seat belts- I wear them during takeoff and landing and when necessary during the flight, however I have many more flight hours in both civilian and military jet aircraft than most Tauck travelers with the exception of Sealord, and maybe a few others. I know all about turbulence whether it be CAT or storm related and I buckle up when requested. If the seat belt sign is not on I make a decision based on my aviation experience and seat/cabin situation.

    I'm not sure how the alleged story relates to seat belts or this discussion. It doesn't. It is a story about a belligerent Karen (male this time). The food cart part of the incident could have happened at anytime, unless the crew continued to serve after the pilot turned on the seat belt sign.

  • I always keep my seatbelt on, I may loosen it a little. The plane can hit an airpocket without forewarning. You have to wear your seatbelt in your car too.
    As for masks, I wear it anytime I’m in an enclosed area!!

  • Yes, RGM2. Precisely what occurred in my "alleged" story.

  • Thank you, Sealord. The story I related was a true story. And thank you for keeping the flying public safe with all your years of experience. When my seat is in the lie flat position, I always wrap the seatbelt around the outside of the blanket and then fasten it. I have been thanked many times by flight attendants for doing what to me is merely common sense for my safety and the safety of those around me. On a side note, we have a neighbor who had 40 years as a flight attendant. She started with Pan American. I just love her pictures of her pill box hat and white gloves.

  • I have never heard anyone that had
    survived a plane crash because it was wearing the seat belt... Just saying...:))

  • mil,

    With respect, my post was about wearing a seat belt to protect oneself and others during turbulence. Moreover, there have been some miraculous cases of survivors of airplane crashes. Nonetheless, I believe Sealord did an excellent job of reiterating the importance and requirement of wearing seat belts on board an aircraft.

    I understand you have several upcoming trips. Enjoy them all!

  • kfnknfzk Hi
    I was just being silly; I do wear seat bell all the time during flight, and I do know their importance when there's turbulence... you can easily get ejected.
    Yes, I'm counting down my days... 149 as of now. Have a great week,

  • I have many hundreds of landings on aircraft carriers that many would describe as a ‘plane crash’. I would not have survived most of those without a seatbelt. I certainly would not have maintained a presentable appearance.

  • Having just arrived at CDG on our first international flight in 28 months, we were pleasantly surprised that American has added shoulder harnesses to the traditional lap belt for take off and landings! Felt very secure!

  • Nancy,

    I'm glad you had a safe flight. I didn't know about the shoulder harnesses! Yet another added safety precaution. I hope your tour experiences are as memorable as mine were.

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