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It looks like they are back to requiring interviews for renewals. I renewed mine back last fall online and they renewed it without an interview. Even sent me a new card with the new expiration date. My husband's wasn't set to expire til next month and just got around to renewing it today. The website said they'd reopened the centers as of the 19th so when we were done with all the steps to renew it said he had to have an interview. There might be the possibility of an online one instead of having to go to our airport but we'll see. They did also state that there was a 24 month grace period for expired cards.


  • We applied the first of December for Global Entry, and the first appointment available in Phoenix was mid-July. I checked every single day online, and lo and behold, got it moved to yesterday. Smooth process. The interviewer said they are backed up TWO years in California for interviews. I'd recommend getting any interview slot available, then checking daily to change. You can always cancel if online is available.

  • I renewed mine online last month and received the new card a few weeks later. No interview mentioned.

  • Same experience as BSP51 although not as recent as his renewal, nor was the turnaround time as expeditious. No interview required, however.

  • I renewed mine online a year or two ago, no interview.

    I did my initial interview during a layover at EWR on the way to Europe. Beat making a special trip to the airport.

  • ours expire in 2024 hopefully they will be back to online renewal

  • We renewed two years ago- no interview for me, but my wife had to do one. It appears to be random, flip of the coin.

  • My husband's renewal was online as was mine. What is different is they seem to be back to requiring an interview. According to the website today, he is waiting for conditional approval of the renewal application then has to schedule an appointment within 30 days though the actual appt doesn't have to be that soon..

    When we got our original cards we applied online then had to go to the customs/border security office at our local airport for in person interviews. I renewed last fall about a month before my card was set to expire. I did it online, paid by credit card, the renewal was approved and my new card mailed to me. No interview.

    My point with the post is the happy days of renewal without an interview appear to be over. You can renew up to a year before your card expires. If my husband had done it a month ago I think it would have been as easy as mine.

  • I renewed mine online last year with no interview. My partner let hers expire, but was able to do a zoom interview. I don’t know if that was because we are so far from a major airport, or if anybody can do zoom. It was easy peasy.

  • I'm hoping he can do a zoom interview too.

  • We renewed in March - a year early for my husband and 6 months early for me. I didn't require an interview but my husband did - he did it via Zoom and it was only about 5 minutes. They just had a question about employment. At the time, it looked like they weren't scheduling interviews very far out so he kept checking and found one fairly easily.

  • I think if anything has changed, like you retire, thst can cause you to be called for interview.

  • Our GOES expired during the Covid year and they extended our date (even though we weren't traveling). As soon as they were taking renewals again, BINGO, we had to have interviews. We had renewed before without an issue...we just arranged ours a few months out when we knew we would be traveling through DFW and easily had it done in about 10 minutes. I think the fact they expired triggered our interviews...

  • My husband and I did the Global entry renewal application in February (expiry 8/2022 for both). I was required to get an interview - husband was not. I received an email advising I could do the interview the next time I returned from an international trip when I first arrived in USA. I did in midmarch. Just went to the Global entry machine - did facial recognition this time - no fingers! Then did not exit. There was a pleasant agent ready to do the interview - 2 questions and a picture. We both had our new cards within a week and a half, expiry 8/2027. No appointment necessary.

    Lessons learned - apply early - and your time to get interview and travel on old card extended. Also if you are traveling internationally you get the interview at some airports - the list is long.

  • Back pre-COVID, I had to go for an interview to renew my Global Entry, but my wife did not. Seems to be the luck of the draw.

  • Update, My husband got his new Global Entry card in the mail yesterday. Renewed for 5 more years. Took just over 10 days from online application to card in hand. No interview required. :)

  • Gotta love it!! :D:D Ready to rock and roll!!

  • Eleven days between application interview and cards in the mail for us. Look out, world!

  • I had to go for an interview for the renewal. :s

  • I renewed both of our Global Entry cards online a couple days ago, and we have already received “Approved” for both of them. There is no mention of any interview requirement.

  • As a reminder when you renew your passport go online to Global Entry and update your
    passport number and expiration date

  • Sealord
    July 31
    I renewed both of our Global Entry cards online a couple days ago, and we have already received “Approved” for both of them. There is no mention of any interview requirement.

    Unless things have changed, the requirement for an interview appears to be random. When we renewed before the pandemic, I didn't need an interview, my wife did. Now CBP makes it so easy- you can get the interview done by CBP at most airports of entry after an international flight right at customs- just let them know you need an interview. It takes just a few minutes.

  • My husband did not need an interview. I did. I agree I think it is random. I did the interview on return from our Galapagos trip. Three questions - one was a trick - did I ever travel to (I forget where) - I said no and passed! Had the new card in 2 weeks, the same as hubby.

  • Do you need to request a new card, or does that come automatically with the renewal?

  • A new card comes in the mail automatically with the renewal. I was surprised how fast it came. Then you have to activate the card online. I recently did that for two of our cards.

  • Got the first card thirteen days after application. Second card was applied for a couple days later, and has been approved … no interviews.

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