Covid Riskes

More than 10 percent of the passengers on the Windstar for the May 2022 Treasures of the Aegean Tour came down with Covid during the tour.


  • Mitchel Sosis - check you private messages (envelope icon in the upper right).

  • We are on this tour right now. We test tomorrow, but have already been told one person has tested positive, but don’t know if it is one of 32 fellow Taucktourian or one of the 71 non-Tauck people.

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    5 out of 32, 15.6% on the 19 May departure which ends tomorrow.

    The procedure for our departure was to test everyone with antigen test, then retest with PCR, those who tested positive as well as their roommates, to confirm. A roommate was picked up that way.

  • Alan, are you one of the 5?

  • ooh. sorry!

  • Claudia - I thought AlanS said he got Covid shortly after his return from J&E? Perhaps I don't remember correctly. If he did, I would hope he wouldn't get it again so soon.

  • At this point I know so many who have gotten it they all blur together. That is except for the one who didn't want the scary experimental vaccine but was mad when they didn't give her some of the short supply of experimental treatment - and is still bitching about it to me months later.

  • Yes Alan did get Covid after his Egypt tour,
    We learned an interesting lesson on Covid a couple of weeks ago.
    We are keen mask wearers, several people here on the forum don’t value them, we do.
    Every year we sing in a show which has been canceled the past two years. This year we all decided to go for it knowing we were at risk. Several people are immunocompromised, some having cancer treatments, even one guy terminally ill. Our company is such a great group of people, we missed each other.
    We started rehearsing in February, all vaccinated, all wearing masks properly and consistently. Only two ppeople got Covid on that time, one on a visit to California, the other a doctor. I gave my little speech to be extra careful the week before the show.
    It came to show week, if you are in the business, we call it Hell week. The shows were Fri and two shows on Saturday. We got into the theatre Monday, we build our own sets etc, so there were a lot of us, maybe 60 this year. We sang masked until dress rehearsal, then off the masks came for the remainder of the three days for make up and being on stage. And the next day, the first person tested positive, obviously infected several days before, then two more, all backstagers. The theater made us all test before we were allowed in, all negative. By the beginning of the next week, at least 15 people I know of were positive. We have to report any positives to the Company Secretary, but that must be kept private, she can tell us how many but not who. I know of some because they posted their status on Facebook, I don’t do Facebook so get the info second hand.
    My husband and I tested ourselves three days in a row and then again by followed the CDC recommendation of putting in the date of contact and the CDC tells you the optimum date to test and then 4 days later. We tested negative each time. The positive people are a random mixture, although I notice more women than men, I guess we gossip more and get closer to each other. Some have been really ill with very sore throats and bad hacking coughs.
    We deliberately made sure our secondary booster shot was both six months after our first, which scientists say is optimum, we balanced that with it being exactly two weeks before our show and would give us best coverage before our early July vacation. Other than that, it’s just luck.
    Anyway, we do our next shows in two weeks. We obviously think masks work!

  • Great news re negatives, AlanS & British. I recently heard that if you're talking near someone (crazies talking to themselves exempt), it doesn't matter whether you're inside or outside, masks are recommended.

  • My wife tested free and clear and are hopefully headed home tomorrow 😀. 😷.

    Now all we need is for the Wind Star to arrive in Piraeus on time tomorrow morning and for our Delta A330 to be on time and take our bags (I will eventually relate that story.)

    Masking on Wind Star was enforced pretty much all the time. Our TD enforced masking on the bus and during tours indoors and when in crowds. 😷 The non-Tauck passengers were pretty good but not as good as the Taucktourians.

    Maybe my brief and very mild encounter with COVID after J&E resulted in a good immunity. My wife is just lucky- she never got it from me.

  • So a change about for Tauck, they must have had a lot of complaints about no mask enforcement. No everyone, I did not complain to them, I’ve just moaned here

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