K/T Classic Safari: Aug. 20, 2022



  • Alan and Sealord, thanks. This is very helpful. We always bring the TDs gratuity in a card (which I write on tour) and envelope. We also prefer to charge what we can surcharge or not. However, our tour docs specified bringing cash (newer bills, smaller denominations). I appreciate the assistance.

  • “Budget dust”…love that AlanS. My new phrase…thanks!

  • I don't remember having surcharges for using a credit card but then I didn't use one except when I checked out of the hotels mainly for laundry. Take small bill with you for tips or to buy small items.

  • I would not recommend $100 bills at all, everywhere is cautious about fake bills

  • Alan - Keeping my fingers crossed! Hope it will work and thank you so much for all your help.

  • Please see my previous posting above to get the full story about the mystery credit card charge I thought was fraudulent. The mystery was caused by the fact that ‘The Fairmont Mara Safari Club’, does credit card business as “The Norfolk Hotel”. Very confusing when one is trying to audit the credit card charges. I also learned from the exercise that my credit card company gives a good enough exchange rate that makes it better to use the credit card (no foreign transaction fee card) than to use cash with a 5% cash discount.

  • We received our duffels for our forthcoming K/T Safari. Indeed, the new duffels are a bit smaller than the previous Eagle Creek duffels. The fabric of the new ones is a bit stiffer, it has an exterior shoe pocket on the side, and the exterior front pocket is more easily accessible than on the previous version. The old duffel has a wider opening and also has the luggage band on the back to slip over the handle on a wheeled suitcase. Also, because the vinyl is softer and provides more flexibility, it will provide more capacity. I’ve included a couple of photos for those who are interested.

  • The amount of time you need the duffels on K&T, B,SA,Z, T & Z, and P&G is short enough that a smaller bag is all that is needed, especially if you also take a small backpack. They were never intended to be used for an entire tour or in place of standard luggage.

    We received our duffels for our forthcoming K/T Safari. Indeed, the new duffels are a bit smaller than the previous Eagle Creek duffels.

    Jan, It looks like a quality bag. How about a side-by-side comparison photo of old and new? What is the brand / model? Is the little white circular tab w/Tauck compass rose logo a zipper pull?

  • Noreen, great photos!! :D

  • Such fond memories! Great giraffe pics. We never got that close. If you haven't seen my Africa pics, they can be viewed here:


  • Alan—the photos I posted are of the old and new. The brand of the new one is Ogio; don’t know the model. The compass rose logo is a zipper pull on the outside front pocket. We are planning on bringing a regular piece of luggage with the duffels only for two short stays where they are required. We used the older one on the Peru/Galapagos Islands tour a few years ago. It was great as a second carry-on on our return from that trip.

  • I’m not going to go through my calculations again, but the old duffel has substantially greater volume. It is only a couple inches bigger in each direction, but it is also more uniform in shape. We. use them as ‘primary’ luggage as you can put almost as much in them as a normal suitcase. There is no way we could do that with the new duffels, so we used the ‘old’ duffels. We have eight of them I think, because we bought our first Eagle Creek duffels for our first Galapagos trip which was not with Tauck. We used two of the old duffels and one rollaboard. We checked one of the duffels with the liquids, and used the rollaboard as wheels to transport the other duffel as carryon. None of them were ‘full’ and we had plenty of stuff. We also each had a backpack. By the time we had to pack down to the duffels, we had only dirty clothes in the rollaboard.

  • Interesting duffel talk. I was told I would be given my duffel when I arrive for the Z, B, and SA trip in early September, and I am happy not to have anything more to schlep. Could this be a cost saver for Tauck if they don’t have to mail so many duffels? I don’t want to be duffel-less 🧐

  • Alan - I wouldn't have been able to post these photos if it wasn't for you and your helpful instructions.

  • jan_page511 Hi.
    First trip, you will LOVE IT.

  • What beauties! All the different shades appear. How far away? What lens?

    You can delete your previous post- clicked Attach File instead of Attach Image, huh? :D:D

  • It looks as if the new duffels don’t have the compression straps over the zippers. I still think our original Tauck duffel we got from Tauck in about 2007 for our first K and T was the best. The end zippered off and made a backpack.
    Thanks so much Jann for postering the comparison photos

  • Allen - My husband is the photographer. Camera is a Nikon D40. Lens is 100 to 300 mm. Distance was approximately 20 to 30 feet. He did some editing to magnify the images.

  • So, Tauck has no problem if you bring the old bag instead of the new one?

  • No problem using the old bag. There were five of us using the ‘old’ bag, including our TD. The next larger Ogio bag is about the same size as the old Eagle Creek bag, but the retail price is about three times as expensive. Eagle Creek went out of business, but I’m not sure Tauck realizes how much smaller the new bag is. Ogio markets it as a gym bag.

  • I knew that would get me at least one flag.

  • Sealord, Jan_page and all, Can you give me a general range of what people tip the TD? And I assume you give it to them in an envelope w/ card at the end of the tour?? Also, any other tipping advice would be appreciated. When you would give out a 10 versus 5 or 1. First time to Africa leaving on Thursday so working on last minute items! Thanks

  • Everyone apart from the TD has been tipped as part of your tour price. Tauck guidelines for the TD tip are $10 per person per day. You can find all this information in the Final tour documents which I would have hoped you might have read already since you leave on Thursday. If not, read them carefully, there is information you may need to know before you leave for the tour. The tip is not compulsory, you can give nothing or far more. Your conscience. You usually give your tip at the Farewell reception/ dinner.

  • I agree with British. We always bring a card with the cash tip; we write a message on the card while on tour and give it to the TD at the farewell dinner. Have a great time. We leave for K/T on Thursday, 8/18, and cannot wait!

  • Brittish and Jan, Thanks for the info. I just found that document in my inbox from June and had missed it. So glad you told me there should have been an email. I have been piecing info together from this forum and a few calls to the service center. Thanks again!

  • edited July 31

    You mean no one at Tauck told you to look for a final document! and they did not suggest resending it to you! Wow,

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