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  • Smiling Sam, we saw ( and rode ) camels in the Sahara. The only other animals were the cobras and monkeys in the magical main square of Marrakech plus horses on the beach in Esouaria. I am very disappointed to hear OAT flat out lied to customers. I will post some pics if I can figure out how to do it. I recommend Morocco strongly. It is sensory overload.

  • Oh, and goats, Smiling Sam. They cling in the argon trees.

  • Smiling Sam you are so right, I also used Globus for 2 tours prior to Tauck, in Venice we also stayed in a hotel across from the main island and in Jerusalem we had to take a cab to go to the Old City, we stayed way, way far from there, now I'll be taking my 23rd Tauck tour and because I mostly travel solo it's wonderful staying in hotels that are most times close to places that I can walk to.

  • cathyandsteve,

    I was in awe of her when I was a little girl...still am! I'm glad you enjoyed the city. You probably know I am quite biased.

  • Thanks, kfnknfzk!
    I was thinking of taking the Scandinavia tour on 2023 or 2024 even though I have already been to Stockholm and København several years ago. I looked at the current tour and saw that Radisson is still the hotel being used in København.

  • I spent a short time in Copenhagen before joining my ship in Esbjerg, but I didn't get a chance to see much of the city or country. Back then, one of the big attractions was Lego Land (the original.) :D

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    There are several Radissons--Radisson Collection and Radisson Blu. Nonetheless, enjoy!

    Oops..they might be the same...perhaps a name change.

  • Ladybombay - That's kind of what I expected that when you were at the Sahara tents the only animals were camels. The goats, monkeys, and snake all look like you were in Marrakech or Esouaria.

    I've looked at taking the Morocco tour for some time. It has always seemed to get bumped by something else.

  • Oh dear, I would delete the monkey photos, it’s terribly cruel to capture them, I just watched a Dynasties Attenborough show last night featuring those very monkeys in Morocco in the wild. The babies are literally snatched from their mothers for those very type of situations and they are pretty endangered. The camera crew were filming near a roadside and a car stopped and tried to scoop a baby up. Many disappear this way every year.

  • We have been on four Tauck trips.  Two river cruises and two land tours and I really enjoyed all four.  Like everyone else on this forum we had numerous cancellations these past few years but we hope to remedy this in 2023.  We will start looking at Tauck for 2024 but there is a trip on Abercrombie and Kent to Bhutan and Nepal that we are interested in but so far they are only showing trips for 2023.

  • There is no doubt that Tauck is tops as far as a Tour Group is concerned, however, I traveled quite a bit with OAT between 2004 - 2010 and they did a great job plus the price for 2 people, which included air, was incredibly cheap. All of the trips were for a 2 week duration. I traveled with them to Thailand, The Amazon River Cruise in Peru, Eastern Europe Tour and a small ship cruise to The Dalmation Coast plus Greece. Never had any issues. I would say the only downside was that sometimes the Hotels were not all that central or just very simple accommodations but clean. The included meals on the Thailand Tour were very basic in a country that is known for great cuisine. I don't know how the Tours are nowadays, but I really have no complaints especially when you are on a budget.

  • I was born about fifteen miles east of Billund where Legoland is...many, many years ago. I've been to the Billund airport many times but never to the amusement park, a very popular place for Danish children.

  • With no disrespect, I agree that it is unconscionable to abuse wildlife and to wrap metal chains around their necks just to make a few pennies and for the sheer enjoyment of American tourists. Please, I do not mean to start a debate. I was just so shocked and sickened over that photo of that poor creature.

  • British and kfn, you are both right about the monkeys. I will gladly delete that iphoto if I can figure out how. I remember watching a gorgeous bear rolling around in the grass when we were in Alaska visiting Denali many years ago. After that I swore off zoos. I love al creatures great and small and now regret doing what I did in Morocco 🥲That does not mean I regret Morocco which will always be one of my favorite countries in Africa.

  • Ladybombay, most people don’t think about it until they are educated. If you go to your post and to the little star in the right hand corner, click on it and it will give an option to edit or delete. Got the edit button, it sometimes is a fiddle to hit it at the right point. Your messages will appear and you should be able to figure out which the photo is, how it appears in the the numbers for each photo, I am not judging you, you certainly did not know. I watch so many wildlife shows, I hope I am on top of so many things like this. They hare however great photos!

  • I am not advocating deleting the photo. Thank you, however, for admitting you made an error in judgement. Most people might not be that introspective.

  • Thanks, British and kfn. If I have learned anything in my 73 years on this planet is that it is best to admit when I am wrong. Again, thanks for understanding.

  • British
    If you go to your post and to the little star in the right hand corner,

    Just for accuracy's sake, it's a gear, not a star. The gear symbol is fairly universal for Settings.

  • You mean that twirly thing?

  • This:

  • Yes, BKMD, that little twirly thing!

  • You mean the sprocket?

  • Yes! Precisely.

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    You mean the sprocket?

    Just for accuracy, it is not a "star", not a "twirly thing* (doesn't rotate), and is not a sprocket (wrong geometry), it is a gear, not a great one, but a gear all the same. :D It is often called by its old name, "cog." :D:D

    The bottoms of the gullets in a sprocket are almost always circular:

  • Yes, let's not confuse Spacely sprockets with Cogswell cogs.

    P.S. Alan, did you miss my post above calling it a gear? :)

  • BKMD and BSP51 -

    How dare we have some levity! Enjoy your evenings.

  • Ok so I got the cog wheel mixed up with the star of the main page

  • :D You mean the compass rose?

  • One man’s sprocket is another one’s gear.

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