Egypt:Jewels of the Nile - October 6th tour play by play



  • Fran loves travel - Just an FYI, every Tauck person on the Cairo to Luxor flight that had a rolling carryon had to check them because all the overhead space was full. In addition, Tauck handles all checked luggage. As such, I don’t see the allure of doing only carryon, ensuring you have to do laundry midtour.

    I know lots of people are advocates of carry on only, but doing laundry during a tour doesn’t seem like a vacation - worrying about when and where you can get laundry done, the price, etc. I much prefer to pack enough for the whole trip and check a bag.

  • On our trip, we didn't have to check rolling carryons. Given my just-purchased carryon was the only clothes I had, they would have gotten a... You can have this when you pry it from my cold dead hands :)

  • All of our Ponant trips have been with Tauck, and we have also achieved ‘Admirals’ status. On some trips they also put some money in your onboard account. We are currently looking at the Iceland trip. Tauck only goes there in the summer time, but I’ve been there a number of times during other seasons and the place can be pretty miserable in bad weather.

  • BKMD - on our trip Tauck’s seats were at the back of the plane. By the time we boarded a large tour group from Peru had boarded and I think every single member of that tour had a rolling carry on. They consumed all of the overhead bin space.

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    As Fran said Tauck tries to avoid the crowds. Sometimes arriving just a half hour early can make a big difference. Several years ago, people complained that the Petra day started late so that they arrived at the Treasury at the same time the masses were arriving by bus and van from Amman. Tauck responded by departing the hotel and starting the walking tour earlier. Tauck also tries to get you to Egyptian sites in Kom Ombo, Edfu, Karnak/Luxor, Giza, etc. before the crowds. In fact we were usually leaving as the bus tours were arriving. Timing was slightly different at Abu Simbel. We arrived mid to late morning as the first waves of tourists were leaving. We almost had the site to ourselves! The only exception, due to the day's schedule was at Philea, which was relatively crowded.

  • AlanS - Our Kom Ombo experience was different. We arrived with the masses, had to wait for the TD to get tickets, and had to wait to see certain parts of the temple for other groups to depart. Whereas when we were at Philae there weren’t that many other people. At the Temple of Horus we arrived as the hordes that use the horse and buggies to/from the temple were leaving, so our entry was a bit of a mad house, but we didn’t have hordes inside the temple as we were viewing it. Obviously after hours viewing at the Valley of the Kings was great.

    Tauck does their best. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t.

  • Smiling Sam
    Tauck does their best. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t.

    Maybe they lost some of their experienced trip planners due to the Covid shutdown.

    If Egypt: Jewels of the Nile was my first tour with Tuack, there probably wouldn't be a second.

  • If Egypt: Jewels of the Nile was my first tour with Tuack, there probably wouldn't be a second.

    BKMD...I'm glad this wasn't your first Tauck tour. So disappointing the tour had so many hiccups. My tour occurred when practically no one was traveling; therefore, we didn't experience any of the crowds, planes or feluccas challenges some of you guys faced.

  • Smiling Sam and Alan S. thx so much for great sunset pics. fired up - leave Knoxville tomorrow !!!!

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    Thank you all for the pictures and comments. I’m leaving on this tour next week! This has been most helpful. If anyone has additional advice, would love to hear it. (Will be my 15th Tauck trip, first to Egypt, solo traveler)

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