Tauck Safari Bag

My new Tauck bag got ruined.- it looks like it was left out on the airport tarmac and now it has a shiny gooey paste that won't dry out. I can get it off my fingers with plain water- no soap, but the bag keeps bleeding it.
Any advise, I would appreciate it.


  • mil,

    If the bag is fabric, try a test on a small area...perhaps the bottom. Make a paste of one part vinegar with three parts baking soda. Apply to the test area and let sit for several hours or overnight. Gently wipe the residue away with distilled water. Let me know if that works. Good luck.

  • kfnknfzk Thanks, I'll try- it is not the fabric one , It's the old nylon-plastic ones... it keeps bleeding the black petroleum

  • In that case, I don't think you need to be that gentle.

  • Don't use any solvents. Anything that dissolves oil will probably dissolve the nylon, too.

  • Just toss it!

  • Yes, toss it, what do you need it for, do you have the one from your K and T tour anyway.

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    Is the goo black or some other color? If it is black it could be partially dissolved asphalt or tar. If it is another color- amber, gray, gray-silver, etc. it could be lubricant grease.

    First scrape and wipe off as much of the goop as you can. Then try mineral spirits or turpentine- neither should harm the bag or you. Apply it with a small rag , rub it in, and rub the goop off. If it works, you'll need to wash the bag to remove the residual odor (they make odorless mineral spirits too.) If those two don't work, next, try acetone, it is a bit stronger. It should not affect the nylon material but it is possible it will affect the green dye, so test it on a small area.

    All three products can be found in the paint department of your local hardware and big box stores. Use the acetone in a well-ventilated area and wear eye protection. If you have sensitive skin or don't want to ruin your last nail job, wear rubber gloves. (FYI, acetone is the main ingredient in most nail polish removers.)

    Or, to avoid all the hassle, take it to your nearest dry-cleaners and see if they can help.

  • Thank you guys , British I donate them full of small toys to shelters fir kids.

  • milmil
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    bag update~ i'm working on it... getting better, it's not bleeding anymore and the shine is coming off. I'm using GOO GONE! what we use at the off. when patients try to glue their glasses with crazy glue- NO NO! people, that will destroy your lennses.
    Any how... I might save it.

  • With that use in mind, why don’t you contact Tauck, explain what happened on your trip and ask for a replacement bag. I would imagine they would send you a similar bag…worth a try and save you more time trying to rescue it.

  • Hi Nancy , thanks for the idea, it won’t hurt to try . :)
    It’s getting better with the treatments but still not good enough . I’ll call them.

  • I really don’t think Tauck has the money to send free bags to guests right now.

  • I have nothing to contribute to this thread. (;-)

  • mil I think it's great how you're re-purposing the duffle bags. My Portrait of India mate gave hers back to the TD at the end of the trip. Mine is stored in the garage . Since I am traveling with the same mate for the India/Nepal trip, I will ask for her bag and you can certainly have the two I will have. I'll ship them to you--after the India/Nepal trip--if you like.

  • PureLuxury Hi.
    Thanks a million, they are excellent for their field trips and also I get a bunch of color books, crayons, toys, etc.. from the dollar store, it is super fun.
    Please let me know, I will cover the shipping cost. :)

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