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Ok, I'm not crazy, maybe a little, but this morning I verified what I have experienced for the past few days is actually happening- in the Discussion list, indications (bold title non-shaded background) for new posts to existing threads and new threads all disappeared after I access just one of them.

When I accessed the forum today, there was one new thread by British and three other threads that had new posts I hadn't read, so the titles of all four had bold text and non-shaded background. After reading one of the new posts in just one thread, I went back to the Discussion list and noticed the titles of other threads with new posts were no longer bold and the background was shaded. I didn't click on "Notifications" (globe icon in the upper left right) and haven't done anything with cookies, etc.

Has anyone else noticed this?


  • Yes. Also noticed that yesterday, Sunday, there was no link to log in to my account on the Tauck website.

  • Yes, Alan, I have noticed this issue for the past couple of days.

  • Yes but it appears to be fixed today.

  • For me, the behavior seems to come and go.

    Earlier this morning the behavior Alan described was happening, open one discussion and the bolding on all other unread discussions went away.

    However on this visit the bolding of the titles is remaining. Perhaps it was fixed between this morning visit and my current visit. Or there is some strange sequence of activities that initiates all of the bolding to disappear that I activated in my earlier visit and not in this visit.

    I hope it has been fixed. :D

  • Just now 9:14 AM PDT it happened to me. There were 8 or 9 unread discussions that bolding disappeared after looking at one.

  • Yes, I have encountered this as well. It appears to be an ongoing issue.

    On a separate topic related to "forum issues", when I click on my screen name to bring up my profile page, there is a point total under the Analytics section. Does anyone know what those points mean?

  • The point total is based on your participation in the forum. Some of the things that earned points (like LOLs) no longer exist. As to what it means, basically nothing.

  • FYI- earlier, I sent an Email to Tauck Emily and e-support. IT and the vendor are looking into the problem.

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    Yes, it has been happening several days but appears ok now. It has happened in the past.
    The points are definitely nothing to do with forum participation. For example, Alan has very few points.

  • Yes, but I hardly ever participate. B)

    Things appear to be ok today. As I said in an earlier post, Tauck and the contractor are looking at making some changes and/or improvements to the forums.

  • The problem is back. I don't know when it started but noticed it around 3:15 EDT.

  • Yes, it is!

  • I found the easiest way for me to keep track of which posts I have looked at in absence of the bolding is when you first start to review posts, start with the post farthest down the list, then if all the bolding disappears you can use that post as your reference point, knowing you have to review everything above it (if interested).

  • It is fixed now. Since I visit daily at a minimum, I look at the time of the most recent post.

  • Using my Fire tablet I have trouble telling the different between unread and just read. They look pretty much the same (both lighter font than older ones) unless I go up and touch the Home button.

  • I think the problem is back - just happened to me again.

  • I think... someone it's smoking, some herbal... stuff. :)

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