Refund Policy Makes Local Newspaper

An ask for help article made the local newspaper today. The subject was asking for help getting a refund from Tauck. I thought I'd pass it along.


  • It looks as if there could be lots of unvaccinated travelers on Tauck going forward as you don’t need to be vaccination in 2024.

  • This is the second case I've seen where a complainant did not tell the whole story. Several years ago I ran across a BBB complaint against Tauck. Tauck responded with the whole story. They even offered to share the transcript of all phone calls with the claimant to support their position!

    "This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and training purposes" Gotcha!! :D:D

  • Not surprising an anti-vaxxer's facts are wrong and/or incomplete.

  • Can anyone please tell me or private message me what the protocol is while on a trip and having the Tauck insurance? A family emergency just happened and I have to leave the tour on day 2. What are the steps I need to take? Thank you very much.

  • OurTravels34 - Sorry to hear about your emergency. If you haven’t already done so you should contact the tour director who will be familiar on how to handle these contingencies.

    I can tell you my experience from last year when I found out I had Covid on the evening of day one of our Ireland tour. I had to drop out of the tour. I had the Tauck insurance. I was reimbursed from Tauck for all the missed days of the tour. My quarantine in the hotel was covered by the insurance company as well as change in the flight cost to get home early. Meals were also covered but I wasn’t diligent in keeping all the receipts. A few times my wife went out and got fast food for us and sometimes forgot receipts.

    If Tauck booked your air they will assist in getting your flights home. In my case I booked my own flights and had to do it myself. It wasn’t that difficult. I had United Premier status so that may have helped a bit in getting the return flights.

    Keep all your receipts.

  • THANK YOU so very much.

  • If the person booked it in "early 2021" then vaccines were barely even available so no tour company would likely have had a policy about it.

    Fyi, Elliot's website is where you can find contact numbers and email for Tauck customer service and management.

    On a humorous note - my husband was checking his MyChart med record for his covid vaccine record yesterday. According to it he's had 7. Aside from the fact I know he hasn't had that many one was supposedly in Mar 2020! Magic. :)

  • It was announced just last week that over 65’s can get another Covid booster. It is the same one as last time. The government purchased too many for the take up and they will expire soon, so that is why they are being offered. Otherwise they will gift then to third world countries. We plan on getting ours as soon as we returned from our current Covid heavy trip…yes Covid on our current tour, one quarter of the group.
    Please remember that Tauck was one of the last tour companies to mandate Covid shots, so indeed that guy did have some justification as he did book before Tauck changed the policy.

  • Cathy - no idea except an error. Should be 5 too. We probably won't get another til this fall.

    On the complaining guy, the other questions are what your and what we the requirements in the country(s) he was traveto? Would it have been better to let him pay everything, start his trip and then get turned back. He'd have to file a claim on the insurance and would have gotten less money back.

  • We traveled extensively as soon as travel began again during the pandemic. If you did not have proof of the vax, you could not get in anywhere. Hotels, ships, museums, even many businesses required proof of vax, or you would not get in. And testing … there were some trips where we were tested six or seven times. But, having the vax card with you was a must.

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