End of Pandemic

WHO has declared Covid as no longer posing major threat.So for travels on the near future how is this goin* to impact with regulations?We are traveling to Singapore end of May.Do we still need the entry card?


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    sudhamali - Each country makes its own rules. They aren't dictated by the WHO. They may use the WHO as an input, but each country makes their own rules.

  • As the world transitions from a pandemic state to an endemic one, each country will decide what protocols, if any, to follow...just as Smiling Sam has indicated.

    I, however, will continue to do what I deem necessary to keep me and my husband safe.

  • Of course!we did get our second bivalent vaccine today!Just hoping we can do away with one more documentation!

  • Some restrictions and masking mandates still exist. Our local HMO has dropped mask requirements, but we had to mask up at Duke U. Hosp.

  • Smiling Sam
    Each country makes its own rules. They aren't dictated by the WHO

    Yeah, since when is Roger Daltrey a Covid expert?

  • Roger Daltrey isn't, but Pete Townshend is!!! :D

  • It was Pete, not Roger. :D

  • Badda bing! :D

  • I thought it was Dr. Who.

  • I thought it was Keith Moon who started this whole mess. :D

  • The Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 ends on May 11, 2023.
    There is still a Pandemic, it is just that the US is ending the Emergency
    A full quarter of people on our tour that ended last week had Covid. And our son contracted Covid for the second time while we were away after being called back to the office after three years working at home. They had a training day….yep, that’s where he thinks he picked it up.
    We just returned from getting another Bivalent booster as we are over 65.

  • We got our second bivalent today as well.The virus is here to stay.How much it affects us is the question .I do understand the rules will vary depending on the country.Just tired of carrying around the card !

  • Oh WHO as declared that Covid is not a public health emergency any more;different from the end of Pandemic by US.

  • Got my second bivalent booster last week. My husband has to wait 90 days as he recently recovered from his second bout with Covid. It’ll be nice to celebrate my birthday (5/11) in France with the end of the global health emergency! PS, I carry my vaccine card along with my yellow fever card in my passport folder.

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    Sudhamali Hi
    The entry card has nothing to do with pandemic/covid/omicron etc... The entry card it's an immigration card that everyone most fill. -
    It is recommended to do it online- within 3 days of arrival. - you could still dot it at the airport, but it will take longer time to go through immigration and the walk after you disembark is pretty long.
    It just asks basic information name, nationality, passport # and hotel addresses, nothing significant.

    here it's the website.

    I hope this helps, enjoy your trip and please!!! report on your return.... :) In going in Sept.

  • Also, even if it's not a pandemic... I'm still wearing my mask on the plane, buses and any tide group gathering.
    I don't want to get sick while on tour...

  • Mil Thank you.I am also wearing masks in situations you mentioned.

  • Sunhamali Hi.
    I just remember... Please, write the name of the Rice Field, Tauck takes you and kindly let us know once you're back. :) There is one 1 want to visit and not sure if I should book it as an extra.
    I want to take pictures...

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