My wish for the season and beyond.....

Whether you light a menorah, a Christmas tree or engage in another tradition (or not) this holiday season, may each lighting bring renewed hope for peace across the globe.


  • Absolutely!

  • kfnknfzk, Thank You!
    Wish you the best, health and many trips to come.

  • mil - And you as well.

  • Happy Hanukkah and Shabbat Shalom.

  • Peace on Earth !!!!

  • mfrancis - What a great card! Thanks for sharing.

  • mfrancis -- I love your card! Where did you find it?

  • Someone posted it on Facebook and I copied it.

  • When I saw the headline, I knew the message was from our dear kfnknfzk. And what a brilliant card, mfrancis. My best seasonal wishes to all.

  • You are very kind, MarketArt. Best wishes to you!

  • Along with Good Health and Peace

  • GM - thank you for your beautiful message. I feel exactly the same. Thank you for making my day:)

  • Peace on Earth !!!! May all the wars in Ukraine and Israel / Gaza come to an end.

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