K&T July 1, 2020 - we are going! Anyone else?

My husband and I are excited to be going on our first Tauck tour. I'm new to posting on this forum, still figuring out the different features. I've tried the "search" feature to read about tips, suggestions for clothing, shoes, vaccinations, etc. So much to learn! Is it better to post a "question" or a "discussion?" I have questions that I would like to discuss. LOL


  • Welcome Bobbette. The discussion, question thing is a new feature on the forum which was revamped this passed June. As long as you post for the correctly named tour as you have done above, we regulars will see it. It all gets posted here in the same area. Any posts which are new or unread by you will appear in a white background instead of pale grey, whoops, gray. Well when you get to K and T, it will be Grey since it was originally under British rule, I digress.We have lots of different views on this forum, so you should find something helpful once you sort out what might be relevant to you. I’m just about to take K and T for a second time. I have been in the area twice around that time of year.

  • Thanks so much, British, for your reply. I've read many of your posts with very helpful information. I will have lots of questions as I plan for this bucket-list adventure. Wow! A second trip for you to K&T - it must be amazing to draw you back. I've heard that is what a trip to Africa does to us wanderlusts.

  • Hi Bobbette - You are very lucky! You will be going on an incredible journey with an incredible company. We did K&T in July 2018 and are still in awe at what we saw and did. There are a number of folks who love Africa and write here (like British) who have gone on this trip, and some multiple times. So I'm sure over the next months you will gain a lot of valuable information. The two biggest items you really do need to research on the forum, and there is a ton of information for them, are visas and vaccinations.

  • Thanks, Virginia_Travelers! I love hearing glowing reports like yours. I am so excited to be going on this adventure with Tauck. We have a friend in the travel industry who specifically recommended Tauck because he said they do the very best Safari. I appreciate your suggestion to give special attention to visas and vaccinations. I have already noticed there are lots of view points on those subjects. I look forward to learning more from folks like you and British, who have experience and are willing to share that information. These forums are great for newbies like me who will benefit from the wisdom of seasoned Safari-goers.

  • Bobbette. My wife and I will be on your tour, which will be our 5th with Tauck. We are from the NY metro area. A couple from North Carolina we know from prior Tauck travels will also be meeting up with us for the tour. Tauck does a really great job, and you will definitely be happy with your choice.

  • Hi sevenseas - so glad to meet you! We are Bobbie & Jim from southern California. Wow! 5 tours with Tauck, that's a great endorsement. I look forward to meeting you & your wife and friends. I have used a cruise website forum before where there are Roll Calls and opportunities to chat before the trip. Now I feel like we have a roll call of sorts for this K&T tour!

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