• It's a joke that they consider surgical masks an upgrade. I've only worn N95 masks (and not the Chinese crap KN95) from day 1.

  • I think it's less of being an upgrade but more the questionable construction and cleanliness of some cloth masks that people show up with. The Presbyterian hospital network here for several months had people at their entrances who would require you to change into a surgical mask if you wanted to enter the facility and would supply one if you didn't have. Since I make my own cloth masks I know what went into them and how often I clean them, but it wasn't worth it to argue the point. On the plus side, I found the brand they supplied and used for most of their personnel the easiest ones to wear. Not necessarily the most protective, but you could breath and they weren't annoying to my skin. Bought a whole box on Amazon.

    Note that from the article, Air France said either surgical or any FFP (FFP2 roughly equivalent to N95 - FFP1 less protective and FFP3 more protective than an N95). Lufthansa says either surgical, FFP2, or N95.

    I'll be curious if KLM doesn't this too. Right now they require you to change to a new mask every 3 hours on long flights. Gotta wonder if they wake people up to have them do this. If you hear I've been thrown off a flight, it was probably that.

  • Great!! But …I have seen people wearing their mask below their nose - as if this does anything. I’ve seen bandanas masks tied loosely around heads. And I’ve seen porous fabric masks. If these regulations go into effect, undoubtedly flight attendants will require full body armor and battle pay.

  • Personally, I want people to wear fabric masks that have a photo of their true face printed on the outside! Or maybe something else? Some are REALLY creepy.

  • Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, recently said on CNBC that the average cloth mask is only 20% effective

  • Jejejejej!!!! you got a Flagg. :))

  • We flew AirFrance 2days ago. They passed out surgical masks in Business Class. They asked that we change them every 4hours, but did not check to see that we did that. I would suggest, though, that at Charles De Gaulle Airport, you have an N95 or else double mask as we encountered a huge back up at Security: long wait, no distancing.

  • Thanx shaw. Are you on a Tauck tour and if so which one?

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