What are you looking for in your next trip..

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What is it ,that gives you the most illusion about your next trip.?
What's that particular something or event you can see yourself doing?
What selfie on your trip would define you?


  • milmil
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    I can see myself on the river boat ( a first for me) early in the morning, outside.. feeling the breeze and enjoying the beautiful sunrise.. taking lots of pictures and waving at the locals, as we cruise up the Nile.
    A selfie at The Pyramids and Petra, it would define my love for history, ancient monuments and interest on the evolution of architecture & cultures.

  • A picture of me hiking down from Gornergrat with the Matterhorn in the distance. It's been a long 2 year wait with roadblocks like covid and knee surgery on the way so the idea of that photo sort of sums it up for me.

  • I’d like to see a selfie of me getting on a plane to foreign lands for the first time in almost two years, that will not be until January.
    Mill, I shall forever picture you in those infamous sneakers 😀

  • milmil
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    British as I told someone... I think it was AlanS..... as I, step into the plane...I will do : " The Pope! "
    I will knee and kiss the floor! ....
    I most likely will start crying. :smile: )))

  • I'm just looking forward to clearing Canadian immigration with a clean COVID test and not having my flight canceled or delayed. Fingers crossed.

  • Normalcy, but I fear it's too much to ask for (first trip 4/22).

  • (1) A safe adventure with no drama
    (2) Eating my favorite Spanish and Portuguese foods
    (3) Relaxing on the top deck with a glass of wine as our river boat sails along the Douro

  • I’m imagining my excitement as I finally get on the plane in 10/22. I will be thinking of all the places I will see and adventures to be enjoyed. I can’t wait for my road trip thru Spain with 5 friends…I expect we will enjoy great wine, great sights and much laughter! By the time we meet up with Tauck, we will be fully relaxed and ready for more adventures!!

  • Nancy that sounds great! not sure which Tauck tour you're going , but if it is around Spain I hope you get Todd! Amazing TD.
    kfnknfzk, you can take me tooooooo. :) I follow you in all 3! specially the no DRAMA.

  • Landing in Paris next month (for the Loire,Normandy, Brittany trip) and a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background!

  • Exlandlubber , Hi I wish you a great trip... we are a month away too... never too soon, but almost here.
    Now don't forget shopping for shoes at The Galeries LaFayette :))
    Have a lovely time, report back.

  • hey mil...definitely had to read that twice. "do The Pope"? don't worry, I won't flag you lol.

  • mil -

    Todd was our director in 2011 when we did the Paradors of Northern Spain (since renamed) and, yes, he was fabulous. Our favorite director, however, was Patricia H. who guided us on the Spain and Portugal tour in 2015. She was amazing! That tour was also our favorite!

    Happy and safe travels!

  • MarketArt Lololo! i did fixed... know is better!
    "The Pope" when you knee and kiss the floor! -Blessing of the floor.

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