Vaccinations now required for all trips

Got a e-mail from Tauck this morning. Effective September 7 (Tuesday) all guests must show proof that they are fully vaccinated at the start of the tour. While I applaud this measure, it's going to upset people who have trips booked and don't have time to get vaccinated. Expect Tauck's phone lines to be jammed for the next few days.


  • Saw this posted on Facebook as well and one traveler did not take kindly to it. Here is her response--not mine because I am very much in favor of this.

    Won't travel with you as long as your require the illegal jab. So many other places to visit that don't try to enforce an experimental drug that has killed and hurt many people. Don't need you!!!@!!

    I did not comment but others have indicating she will not be missed. I expect I'll be flagged. And so it goes!

  • I, as a dedicated Tauck traveler, am very much in favor of the mandatory vaccination policy. It’s safer for all of us. Watching the news diligently for when the third dose should be taken (had my second dose of Moderna in March).

  • I’m following Tauck on Facebook, but don’t see the post. How is it listed?

  • I once read a profile of various Travel companies and it described Tauck customers of being people like doctors and lawyers and so on. I guess it has all sorts of customers these days. As long as you can pay for a tour, you can go on it, but be vaccinated.

  • Well, I would have preferred that survey had described us as educated, professional, well-traveled; doctors and lawyers is their rather narrow-minded way of saying those with the means to travel. But then profiling/stereotyping is always a problematic shortcut.

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    How about the company profile article I read once that described most of the employees (and many clients?) as liberal leaning Democrats. :D

    Seriously, it said that. You can't make this stuff up.

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    Let us hope that 2022 trip reports are completely different- no masks, no social distancing, no dropped sites, etc., but, unfortunately, I think things will change little between now and then. One prognostication I read last year said it may take until 2024 for things to get back to normal. What will be the "new normal?"

    FYI, I just got an email from Ticketmaster that opened with this:

    "Entry requirements for your event have changed. Please carefully read the below information.

    The Event Organizer is requiring that all attendees of this event must receive a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test before the event or be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Your event venue website will advise you of your event's specific testing parameters. Generally tests administered 48 to 72-hours prior to the event will be accepted."

    The concert in question has already be rescheduled twice.

  • Sexist flags all over the place, monsieur.

  • Girl? Little chick? Come on…aren’t we better than this?

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    I am not very familiar with American slang, so I had to research what "Woke" meant. In this context, it is exceedingly offensive and meant to degrade women. Don't we have enough divisiveness in this country without bringing it here? I did not flag it, preferring to call out the offender "in person."

    The post is gone. Good.

  • I live here in America and didn't know what WOKE meant. I certainly took no offense (and I did read it last night) - appreciate all your info on numerous posts, Sealord

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    Let's stop the flagging Nonsense part 1... post.
    :# Drama.... cooking! TRHW! my goodness (THE TAUCK REAL HOUSEWIFE'S)
    Has someone called Andy Cohen...

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