New/official vaccination policy



  • Smiling Sam. Good advice. BSP51. How high school.

  • nvbd - I guess the school is about 30’ feet high. Why are you interested?

  • OMG! ...

  • CathyandSteve: While on tour I have met four Tauck guests who are posters here. British and Virginia Travelers.

  • SeaLord, you can’t remember meeting me!

  • I’m relying on your memory. (;-)

  • 😂😂😂

  • I just met Claudia Sails on our Switzerland tour! We've chatted for a year now since we were scheduled on the same tour last year before it was cancelled. :-)

  • I've met a number of people on tours that I've communicated with in here. Four on K & T, four on Antarctica, three on Yellowstone in Winter, two or three on England, Scotland and Wales, and three or four on Best of Ireland that I can remember.

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    People double boosted are coming down with Covid. With this new variant there are no guarantees that being vaccinated will keep you from developing and exposing others on trips. As time goes on I think policies might change.

  • There were never any guarantees with any of the vaxes or boosters. The sole benefit of all the shots is to lessen the impact if and when you do get it.

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    I've just spent some time on OAT's website researching tours and they are requiring all guests to be vax'd and boosted. At least for this year I wonder how many tour operators won't be requiring at least vaccines.

  • OAT demanded vaccination months before Tauck enforced it. Tauck seemed to be one of the last big tour companies to ask for the initial vaccinations and now they are no longer asking for mask wearing when some other companies still ask for masking.

  • We just finished a river cruise and masking was enforced on every means of transportation…especially the boat. Where are you reading that Tauck is no longer asking for masking, British?

  • Asked and answered…wow…what a dramatic turnaround. I think Scylla still must be requiring masks…I just read the change in policy!

  • Yes, this is on the Tauck website right now

    Face Coverings & Hygiene
    And although recommended in public spaces, wearing a mask is no longer a Tauck requirement. Please note that masks must be worn whenever required by local health guidance or our supplier partners. Our Tauck Directors and coach drivers will continue to wear masks.

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