Egypt & Jordan I'm ready!

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I'm a month away from departure....( departing earlier ) excitement is starting to built.... I'm almost totally pack, have called the banks, have my health declaration forms all done..., have copies of passport, CDC Covid cards ( YES! fully vaccinated since Jan. ) , credit cards , itinerary , went to bank to get money for tips and re-conformed all my Spa treatments , camera is ready and I also called ATT to install my day pass , checked the plane seating situation.. still lots of empty seats, Thanks God, I already bought a box of masks & gloves (for the airports) etc...
My work is already in panic mood because I'll be gone for a month.. Lololo!! and all my friends keep asking about my destination.. which, I never reveal until my first live story Instagram-Facebook ( only Tauck & fmly knows ) . Uff! , I think I'm done...
So.. who is coming with me on the Sept. 26 tour to Jordan & Egypt : Petra to the Pyramids?
Would love to hear from you. :)))

P.S don't be afraid...I'm not as intense as I may come out here. :)) Once I get my camera.... I'm on my own.


  • We leave for Switzerland in a week and you're way ahead of me - at least with packing.

    Not to rain on the parade, but empty seats may not mean no travelers - just ones without seat assignments.

    Best of luck on your tour.

  • mil
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    P.S don't be afraid...I'm not as intense as I may come out here. :)) Once I get my camera.... I'm on my own.

    Mil you are not intense, but you might be just a bit OCD, like someone else here on the forums! Who might that be? :D

  • Have a safe and fun trip too, Claudia.
    I'm so ready for this trip... since 2020. cannot wait... To be honest a little scare of the unknown... but, I count on Tauck to keep us as safe as possible and hope we do get to go!
    You're right the seating could be non assigned once.... I'll cross my fingers.

  • AlanS, I think I know..... :)))) but ,I think there is more then 1.
    We love you all :)

  • milI'll be with you in spirit and looking forward to your periodic check-in's and trip report.

  • Mil—wishing you safe travels and much adventure!! We are all in this together!!

  • Yes my dear Nancy! we are all waiting to finally go and keep are dreams alive.
    I' going to tried uploading pictures as we go.... just like I do on Instagram & FB. it's just that to load them here takes more work then just
    direct from my phone.... but I'll try. .
    Keep in touch. :)

  • Mil, We leave this Friday for the Jordan/Petra/Egypt tour. We are excited about going except for the required PCR test. Not being able to get a confirmation of the results before departure is unnerving. There is no place near us that does the PCR with a lab on site so they get sent out. Fingers crossed we get the results back quickly.

  • loves2travel2I'm so EXCITED for you! Sending positive vibes that all will be in order for the PCR test results. Please check in if you can. I know this will be a Great trip... B)

  • Hi loves2travel2
    I'm so happy to hear you're already on your way... that is Amazing news.
    Yes, the PCR deal is nerve racking and the paper work it's endless... but all worth it. Now just to mentioned... the 2nd PCR test that was done at arrival to Jordan inside the Queen Alia airport is no longer necessary for full vaccinated travelers... not sure if you know this.. so once you get on the plane, relax and have a Cosmo ( or several) on our name... "the Tauck Forum rascals ".. that by the way... we are going to wait for you to come back with tons of questions... :)
    Keep notes of airport tips , how crowed are the sites, if the volume of tourist is lesser and also how they arranged the tour health-sanitizing-social distance procedures.... Please.
    Have a fun, amazing and unforgettable trip! I'm so excited for you .
    Best wishes!!!

  • loves2travel2
    We leave this Friday for the Jordan/Petra/Egypt tour. . . . .

    Have a great trip!!

    I realize the GEM won't be open for you, however, I continually look for announcements about the opening and to also to see if there is anything else new besides the recent relocation of the Solar Boat. Unfortunately, the only thing I found today was an article about a lecture Zahi Hawass he has taken on the road to many cities around the world, most recently in LA. Hawass discussed in detail the new archaeological discoveries in the Saqqara, next to the Pyramid of Teti. Findings have included a 5-meter-long papyrus, a bronze axe belonging to an army soldier, as well as some toys, boats, wooden masks, a painting and coffins from the New Kingdom.

    Note: You probably won't be permitted near the digs (who knows) and the places you see on your tour may differ, but ChicagoTravelers' group visited/entered the Pyramid of Teti, pre-COVID, during her Jan 2020 Jewels of the Nile tour! You can read about it and her posts on the forum at this link:

    Hawass went on to speak about the Lost Golden City of Aten in Luxor (Thebes.) He stated that work has begun in the area to search for the mortuary temple of King Tutankhamun, because the Temples of Horemheb and Ay were previously found there. He added that this city is the largest administrative and industrial settlement in the Egyptian Capital of Thebes on the western bank of the Nile.

    Note: You go right by this area during the bus ride to the Valley of Queens/Nefartari's tomb and the photo op at Hatshepsut's colonnaded mortuary temple in Deir el Bahari .

    Hopefully, your TD will point out these areas and you will be able to catch a glimpse as you drive by!

  • Mil Safe Travels as you begin your journey. Please post and share your experiences when you can. Cheers--Robin

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    She should be arriving in Amman in about 6 hours so I don't expect we'll hear from her until sometime tomorrow morning (our time)
    oops, got my days mixed up- Mil should be well into her day of rest and recovery (and possible mud bath?) at the Kempinski Hotel :D

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