Ridden hard and put away wet!

This morning it feels like I was ridden hard and put away wet- I've got mild aches and pains everywhere!

On the plus side I've been "boosted"!! :D

If you remember I lost my original CDC card and was having trouble getting a replacement. My Pfizer booster shot along with shots #1 and #2 are all recorded on my new CDC card (and in my yellow WHO International shot record).

Have card, ready to travel. :) 'Only' 165 days until Jordan & Egypt! :#



  • Same side effects as Alan but well worth the mild side effects!

  • Got a few more weeks before I'm eligible for the booster. Would actually welcome feeling cruddy. Breezed thru the 1st 2 so easily I'm afraid my system didn't react enough.

  • Same minor issues with the booster. Like Claudia, I felt it served as confirmation that something was going on. Very reassuring.

  • My wife got Pfizer and she gets her booster next week.

    Us Moderna people are feeling left out of the booster game. :'(

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    Smiling Sam
    Us Moderna people are feeling left out of the booster game. :'(

    At least us Moderna people have a higher immunity response than those who got Pfizer. I’ll get in the Moderna line as soon as they tell us.

  • As a Moderna person, too, I agree with JohnS.
    P.S. to Sam - WE Moderna people.

  • BKMD - I be an enginer, spelling and grammar ain't my strong suits. :D

    Question - Who has a 'higher immunity response', Pfizer people with three shots or Moderna people with two shots? And whose immunity response will last longer Pfizer people with three shots or Moderna people with two shots?

    JohnS - Your statement about higher immunity response is true, but depending on the answers to my questions above, may be a thing of the past. Likely, WE Moderna people will need a booster to continue to have that higher/longer lasting immunity response.

  • Sam - Your question cannot be answered at this time. As Fauci likes to say, "We don't yet have that data."

    I suspect the Moderna and J&J data will be available within a few months and boosters will be recommended.

  • A number of 'experts' have predicted that we will get an annual cocktail shot- flue + COVID. Now that they understand the science, I wonder it they will be able to keep up with the mutations?

  • Plus we have the new Merck antiviral pill. Another bit of weaponry in the fight.

    We're a blended family here. One Moderna and one Pfizer. I was just happy to take whatever they gave me. So far so good.

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    All the percentages are just averages measured by the clinical trials,some people will have better antibody response,
    some won’t.
    We are hanging out for our booster shots for a couple more weeks if we can get an appointment when we want it…doubtful in our area…but here’s hoping. We just don’t want any nonsense about countries only accepting people who have had a last shot within six months. Not clear if that will include a booster shot too.
    We have been in some crowded restaurants this week on our vacation, hoping we haven’t gotten a dose of Covid.
    The only people I know who got boosters so far got Moderna ones and they were quite ill for several days.

  • And don't forget a flu shot some time in the next month or so.

  • British, you said the only people you know who got boosters so far got Moderna ones, however, I thought Moderna boosters were not available yet? Did I miss something?

  • Moderna boosters are available for those who meet (or get away with lying about meeting them) listed conditions making them immunocompromised. The vaccine administrators here in Arizona all list the specific conditions on sites for booking appointments.

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    Jeff is right on, our friends, one has mild type Two diabetes, his wife said she was his carer, that’s how they got away with it, she’s as fit as a fiddle, it must be at least a month ago they got their shots. They just walked into a Walgreens, no appointment.

  • My booster appointment is in two hours. I’ll be glad to get it even if I do feel cruddy.

  • For those concerned about the level of antibodies they have after their initial shots (or after they have had COVID--which is absolutely ignored by the powers that be), there is a blood test giving you that information. Mine was paid for by Medicare and let me know I do not need a "booster." I've taken both shots and will not get anymore until my doctor says it is necessary. I have NO faith in the information given by Fauci or Biden.

    I'm still trying to figure out who the COWARD FLAGGER is who would flag any of the posts on this page. They are all relevant and reflect the thoughts and ideas of the people here. I haven't seen anyone appeal or demand that people get a booster or not get it.

    AlanS, I lost my original card also. Publix made me a new one. Who put the information on your yellow CDC international card? I just looked at mine and all the old information is handwritten by my PCP. I'll just have him put it on there. My trips are a couple of months after yours, Alan. We are headed to Key West in the RV for Thanksgiving, then Holland and Belgium in Spring and Normandy, Brittany, Paris, and the Loire Valley in May and June. Enjoy your trip. I know you will.

  • Well, you got flagged nvdb and you have a valid point, but that means you will have to keep getting the blood tests. There are also going to be countries and states that demand you have to have had a booster before you are allowed access, such in our case when we go to Israel. We were hoping to not get our booster until around the eight month timeline, but as we are going to Florida in November, we got it earlier since Florida is like going to the Wild West as far as Covid is concerned. We do know people who are immunocompromised and have no antibodies and others who have had positive tests and symptoms despite immunization. The Covid vaccine works incredibly well compared to many vaccines, but it is not foolproof and we are not yet at herd immunity levels here in the US.

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    . . . . AlanS, I lost my original card also. Publix made me a new one. Who put the information on your yellow CDC international card?

    my yellow International shot cards (I have 2- ran out of space in the first one which was started in 1967), were signed by the people (doctor, corpsman, nurse, tech, etc.) at the locations where I received the shots. We brought the yellow cards with us just in case and asked- no problem. Now, along with all the other inoculations for yellow fever, tetanus, shingles, etc. etc, the yellow card also contains our COVID #1, #2, and booster shots. The only issue it that from everyone's experiences so far, it appears we will still need to take both since the CDC COVID card appears to be what everyone wants to see.

  • There are so many issues with Covid.
    Twice in one week, we have come across people not wearing masks when it is an absolutely mandate and supposedly officials ensuring masks are worn…..once on a plane, a guy sat next to me, no mask until the flight attendant asked him to put one on, it was a flimsy see through one, she asked him to change it to one of the airlines mask. She asked ME to call her if he took it off! When snacks and drinks came round, he took the opportunity tske it off and never put it on again.
    The next time, at the first night of Hamilton in Philly. Everyone was wearing masks, two empty seats next to my husband, the lights go down, two women appear, no masks. At the interval, my husband asked them to put masks on, they claimed they did not know masks were required. Yeah right! We have been bombarded with reminder emails about the rule.
    I’m glad I’ve had my booster. We are trying to resume our normal lifestyle and hope everyone behaves and aims for the same. Oh dear, we are going to be the least vaccinated first world country soon.

  • If they all want to die on that hill, so be it! I just don't them to take me with them. As much as I want to travel, I don't trust people to do the right thing. They are quitting jobs--good luck to them finding new ones where they don't need to be vaccinated. How did we get here?

  • We don’t need a Covid test for our Costa Rica trip.

  • I think the political content of these posts has exceeded Tauck guidelines. I am vaccinated for almost everything, and I think that is a good idea. Do I tell my children to have our grandchildren vaccinated? No. That is their choice to make without interference from anyone. That may sound ‘political’ to some, but it is called freedom. I will ‘flag’ my own post … thank you.

  • It sure was much easier to schedule the COVID-19 booster inoculation than it was for the initial shot. We are scheduled for this Wednesday. I am thrilled since I did not think we would get it before our Nov 2021 trip. Yet another layer of protection! As cathyandsteve mentioned, I can only control what I do. Unfortunately, I think we will be living with this virus for a very long time due to the utter ignorance and insular thinking of those who have an insatiable need to politicize a health issue. Sad.

  • kfnknfzk….friends in our neighborhood just returned from an independent trip to Portugal and had a great time. The requirement to get tested at every new hotel was dropped while they were there. The vaccination rate is 85%, better than here. Have a great time!

  • Claudia, there is a SARS CoV 2 (COVID-19) blood test you can take. You can probably look it up and see what the necessary measurements are for this semi-quantitative test. I had one 8-17-21 and had a result >20. Cathyandsteve is correct. If you want to travel just roll up your sleeve and take what is required. That doesn't mean you NEED it, it only means someone is DEMANDING it. That also doesn't mean they know whether or not you need it. I'll wait for a booster (which may be NEEDED at some point) until I have to get it so I can travel.

    I like being in the Wild West so I can make my own decisions. Numbers are dropping here and will probably drop more since in winter people go outside because the weather is nice. In summer, we lock ourselves inside for the air conditioning (no one would live in Florida if it weren't for air conditioning and mosquito spray). As far as the rates up north, they will go up soon since everyone locks themselves inside because of the cold. In the summer, they will come back down again.

    Anyway, the fear I read in here is pretty amazing. And the fact that the airlines asked British to enforce their mask mandate is pretty amazing. I respect her for not doing it. For people as old as I am to follow the "tell on your neighbor" suggestions is worse than the disease. It sounds like what we were told about the political conditions of Eastern Europe during the Cold War and current day China.

    OK, enough. Enjoy your trips and do what you have/want to do. You just don't have to do it with a smile on your face. :) But you can if you want. Isn't freedom wonderful?

  • Flag me all you like. I have a right to defend my home!!

  • Well, from someone who actually lives in the West, it's not all the wild in all areas here. And having lived 3 years in Florida, I'll take our weather over Florida's in a heartbeat. Yeah, winter is nice but the rest of the year.... bugs, humidity, sink holes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tolls roads. You can have it.

    I've lived around the country and even overseas. There's things I loved and hated about all of them.

    Yes, ndvb I'm aware there are tests (different versions from different companies) that test for covid antibodies. My question was, where is the science that tells doctors how much is enough. Who said more than 20 was enough? From my reading, the different tests also detect different amounts so you have to know the standard for that particular test.

    My booster is scheduled for this week. I am immune compromised and have no idea how well my system would actually react to covid. Maybe the booster is a waste of my time, but then if it means I can feel a little safer and enjoy in person holiday events, then I'll happily take it.

  • Thanks, British, for your well wishes. We are, indeed, looking forward to our trip!

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