Hot Air Balloon Ride Offered?

We will be on the Jordan and Egypt tour that begins November 14, 2022. Does anyone know if Tauck offers an option for a hot air balloon ride over Luxor? Thanks everyone!


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    No, they do not.

  • Hmmm - wonder if there might be any time in Luxor we could do that on our own.

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    Look at the itinerary- I don't see when you would have time.

    You are only in Luxor for one day (Day 9) and the schedule is full with absolutely no time for other activities, especially in the morning. You visit Luxor and Karnak in the morning, then after lunch on the boat visit the Valley of the Queens followed by the after-hours visit to the Valley of Kings. Besides, hot air balloons typically launch before sunrise and only fly in the early morning when there is no wind or the wind is minimal. The photos and descriptions of many providers confirm this as do their names such as "Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride."

    While the flights are typically only 45 minutes, the total time required is listed as 3 hours. Your Nile River cruiser may not even be docked by the time you would need to be picked up by the provider.

    You can look up when sunrise occurs and Mil will need to tell us what time the boat docked but here is the schedule she posted from her recent tour:

    The boat docks on the east bank near the Luxor or Karnak temples but the balloons launch from the west bank so you must ride a shuttle boat to the west bank and get picked up and driven to the launch site. Depending where the balloon lands, the return could take longer.

    I would do this in a heartbeat if it was at all possible, but it isn't with the current itinerary, unless you skip Tauck's morning guided tours.

  • OBXnana hi.
    As AlanS said, Nope!
    I wish they would.. but no.

  • I understand there will be a Luxor balloon flight on Tauck's new, soon-to-be-announced, 19 day Ultimate Antiquities: Grand Jordan & Egypt. Also, added are two days in Alexandria with visits to both Egyptian and Roman ruins, the library, catacombs and the nearby Taposiris Magna ruins and the just discovered, completely sealed tomb of Cleopatra.

  • AlanS - The cost of your fictional tour would be $35,000 per person, restroom tips extra. :D

  • AlanS - you disappointed me. I was expecting a picture of a flying carpet in that spoiler.

  • Thanks everyone! We were on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey that was awesome. Won't get my hopes up now.

  • OBXnana - For a balloon ride go on K&T Classic Safari or Portrait of India tours. Perhaps there are others but I had a balloon ride on both of those.

  • Smiling Sam - We just returned in September from a safari on our own to Botswana. Thought about a hot air balloon ride there but the price was over $1000 per person and we saw so much of the country flying between camps and so many animals from the vehicles we felt it wouldn't be worth it. Can't believe how cheaply the Luxor hot air balloon rides are advertised. Portrait of India is on our bucket list though so thanks for the recommendation.

  • In the past Tauck had the cost of the balloon ride on the website. One year we did not get to do it due to high winds, and they refunded that amount. I think it was around $400 per person. We thought it was well worth it, when we did it on a later trip. I like balloons better than helicopters unless I’m already bobbing around in the water. (;-) I’ve done that a few times just for training purposes … after jumping out of the helicopter without a parachute. (Low altitude.)

  • We had an optional balloon ride (which I took) on "Grand Australia & New Zealand." It was so much fun - and I got to cross one more thing off my bucket list.

  • I second Smiling Sam on the great hot air balloon flight on the K&T. A non-obvious advantage is there are no power lines in the Serengeti (the major cause of balloon accidents). Less sure about the area around Luxor.

  • On my 2014 Grand Australia/New Zealand tour the hot air balloon was an optional excursion. You had the option to reserve in advance or pay on-site. The cost was less than $300. It was a nice thing to do. Peaceful. Serene... but nothing spectacular in my opinion. The Portrait of India hot air balloon excursion was most memorable because we were greeted by the children when we landed. They were so sweet and happy to see us. The Africa ballon ride was spectacular due to seeing the animals from above in their natural habitat.

    I never anticipated a hot air balloon ride in Egypt, so I'm not disappointed there are no offerings.

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