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May 10 in The Black Sea to Budapest Forum
So on another thread, someone posted about terrible service on a cruise and a large number of Covid-19 cases. This thread is for people to comment on current or recent tours and whether the tours were up to usual Tauck standards or well below the mark.



  • Above, I’ve tried to put the above in the General forum from the Black Sea discussion

  • Oh British, thanks a million! I noticed I got it in the Black Sea forum but I didn’t know how to switch it. I love your comments and insight and it’s good to have you and several of the others who are experienced to help the rest of us, I love this forum.😊

  • Very helpful comments! Thanks so much for taking the timetable tell of your experience. I’m leaving for a cruise next week and apprehensive because of the testing requirement to return to US. Thanks again.

  • I’m with you Janet that Tauck could enforce better Covid control, they appear to have made sensible promises that now they do not adhere too. I’m sure they are loosing more repeat customers than they have customers who don’t want to wear masks. We sign the Pledge, but that’s Ok because Tauck basically withdraw themselves from any blame if a customer gets Covid. I’m wondering what would happen if I arrive on my next tour and refuse to sign it?

  • Amen to both Alan S and the Sealord.

  • I don't expect Tauck to be perfect all the time and this year definitely seems to be a challenge. However, I do appreciate honest reviews. Certainly better than the vague " they did me wrong" posts without enough detail to make a fair assessment If it's valid or they are a difficult crank.

    If Tauck isn't willing to enforce the travel well pledge requirements then drop it.

    I don't think travel - especially to somewhere like Europe - is more dangerous than at home, but the repercussions of a positive test are higher. Expense and hassle of staying longer, trying to meet the requirements to get on a plane, etc.

    If I'm about to spend a large chunk of money on a tour and deal with any risks/inconveniences, I want to know what to expect from the tour as far as the TD, accommodations, food, sights, etc. Therefore I appreciate detailed reviews. Then I can pay my money and take my chances.

    Ps- if a post bores you, don't read it. Plenty I skip.

  • for those that like to criticize Tauck, you should travel with GLOBUS!!! :):):) see how much better you'll be.
    I respect everyone's opinion; they are entitled to their own... but enough....
    Same old questions, same old whining, same old same old...... :( it's tiring.

    My opinion.

  • Cathy, I sent you a private message.

  • I thought people would be interested in what’s happening now in travel. Sorry I didn’t mean to offend all y’all Tauck cheerleaders. I have only done one Tauck tour and I loved it. And after my husband died I wanted a tour company I felt would be smaller and caring. And I’m mainly concerned with the testing to return home. That said, I think it’s no reasonable to be open to the experience of others, even if negative. In future, I may refrain from commenting. But I continue to enjoy reading all the very helpful and interesting comments, especially from those of y’all who have traveled extensively with Tauck. Thanks to all. 😊

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    Thomas, in all my tours with Tauck, my comments have been positive, until Covid. I’ve supported and defended Tauck on the forum many times. I’ve only taken one tour with them since then because all my others were canceled except one we canceled ourselves because we could not get there because of suitable flight availability. I too think good and bad comments should be posted. So yet again, some people think only their views are valid or worth expressing and no one else is able to have a different opinion, this is sad and it’s not American. Please continue to post with Tauck when you travel with them again.
    Oh, but actually, Tauck is not a small company, they do not advertise much compared with other companies and have always said they rely on word of mouth. How did you hear about Tauck? If you travel with Tauck again and want a question answered, or an opinion without judgement from others, please feel free to send a private message, I’ll give you info or an opinion which of course may be different than someone else’s thoughts. Click on my name, it comes up and there is a message option, click on that. When you get a message or reply, it will show in the right hand corner of your screen, the email triangle, click on that to open and reply. I’ll send you a sample

  • milmil
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    Thomas Hi
    You don't have to refrain from commenting, we have all been in the same spot once and even twice...
    I guess your post happens to be 1 more of all the postings that focus on the things that went wrong or are not at the clients liking.. which at the end it gets to be too much.-
    Hope you don't get discourage.. it's the situation & the time we are going through, it will get better, Hopefully.
    Have a good day.

  • Thomas,

    In no way were my comments directed at you; if you thought that, I do sincerely apologize.

    I firmly believe there is a difference between offering constructive criticism when reviewing a tour and making blanket statements such as..."the food was terrible"..."worst tour director ever"...et al. The former can offer useful information when additional detail is provided; the latter only promotes more negativity and projects the author of the review as a hopelessly "the glass is half empty" type of individual.

    I have enjoyed your enthusiasm and it is evident you are looking forward to your tour. I do hope you will provide us with your post-tour experiences. I want to hear about all your wine tastings!

  • Check out the ca.usembassy website in regards to being tested in order to return the U.S. Only if u r flying into country. You cross over via land with no testing. This is so sad.

  • Janet_dzubow

    Thank you for your comments and report on what traveling on the river boat today is actually like. Some of your experiences were likely unavoidable, others should not have happened.

    We took the Belgium and Holland in Spring tour in 2016 and did not enjoy it. Part of it was the itinerary, which I see that Tauck has changed for the better, and part was due to the the snotty cruises director, unprofessional tour directors and some very poor local guides. We discovered we were not river boat people.

    That said, we are very pleased with Tauck and have travelled with it since 2006 and have 4 trips booked for the future! I hope you put your comments in a letter to Tauck. "Tauck" reads them and takes them very seriously. I give honest constructive feedback and often hear back by letter or phone if more info is wanted.

    I don't agree with you Sealord. Posting post tour comments, positive or negative, gives guidance to future travelers.

  • I just got back this week from A Week in Portugal and at the last count 9 out of 24 on the contacted Covid. My husband and I were the first to get it and drop out of the tour. We got no guidance at all from Tauck. It's all very confusing, even for the most seasoned traveler. We were told "boots on the ground" (the hotel) was the best strategy to figure things out. It was extremely stressful and took many hours/days of research to navigate what to do. It was quick wits and a lot of luck that we could come home. Everyone was very disappointed with having no guidance from Tauck. If you know that going in (no guidance) and have a plan figured out just in case you get Covid. If you have any questions, you can always pm me. As an example, we had no idea we had to get an official document stating we had covid, that starts the 10-day clock ticking. And when you test is Day 0. And what to do if you keep testing positive? There are certificates of recovery, but you need that official letter to document you have Covid. We would have appreciated having that guidance. We had a fantastic group and helped each other the best way we could, but everyone was disappointed in Tauck's lack of guidance. Luckily we had insurance, so I'm just about to file my claim.

  • sevenseas-That's the article that helped me navigate when I tested positive for Covid while on the tour in Portugal.

  • While it may be stressful, I think the best thing to do is try to stay calm and ask questions. You won't be put in quarantine on the Black Pearl and set sail for the ends of the earth, nor will you be required to quarantine in Mariupol. :D

  • Alan S: you make me laugh. When traveling, I also jot down in my pages of notes where the U.S. embassies are as well as consulates. It's always good to have and know. Also, the STEP program aka Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (https://step.state.gov/step) is good to enroll when leaving the country.

  • Our daughter and son-in-law both work for the US State Department which allows us to be treated just like all the other crazy Americans traveling right now! :D:D:D

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