Booked Northern India and Nepal



  • If you do end up with free time in Mumbai, visit the Crawford Market. It is very interesting…great people watching!

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    We have been watching a series called Secrets of Wild India....I am amazed at how many animals India has and am even more excited about our upcoming trip.

    Do those of you who took this trip have pictures to share? I would truly love to see them!! Also any advice about the camera equipment you took with you would be appreciated.

    Can you also comment on or share comparisons of this safari and safaris in Africa?

    Will we get a duffel bag to take on the safari portion of the trip?

  • Cathy, although I can’t answer any of your questions, I have seen that series. I’d like to recommend another series called The Story of India. It’s headed by a guy called….I think his first name is James, I forget, but his last name is Woods. He is a well known History Professor in England ( In his heyday, he was extremely good looking too) The series was on PBS and it is certainly available on DVD. It really helps you understand the ancient history and unique way of thinking and culture.

  • Whoops, just looked it up…The STORY OF INDIA BY MICHAEL WOOD 😀

  • it looks like it might be on Prime..I will put it on my watchlist

  • Thank you British. I just googled this and you can watch, free of charge, the 6 episode Documentary (approx. 1 hour each) on I have always been fascinated by India and hope to one day be able to visit this fascinating country.

  • Thanks travel maven...I was going to have to pay to watch it on prime.

  • Cathy, we all look forward to your trip report and photos. You set a pretty high bar with the Antarctic tour.

  • Claudia… I look forward to the challenge! We have put this trip on the back burner and not thought much about it but now it is only 279 days away and with a little luck … might just come to fruition!

    I have pulled out the safari clothes and we have booked the air and are studying the itinerary and watching shows about India. What a fascinating place!

    So I hope you can all tolerate my questions and allow me to share my enthusiasm.

    This will be another dream come true.

  • You'll be 9 days ahead of us leaving on our next adventure.

    I've been fascinated with India since watching the Jewel in the Crown series ages ago.

  • India is absolutely fascinating. I have no doubt you all will thoroughly enjoy your tours. I enjoyed the Portrait of India tour and have considered booking Northern India & Nepal. I’ve told my friends I will gladly join them on another Portrait or Spotlight tour—I enjoyed it that much!

  • Having taken the Spotlight tour, we would love to take Northern India and Nepal for the Safari part. I remember the first tours people complained about several elements that Tauck have now changed.
    India is a challenge, but you just see such incredible crazy life going on. The bus rides were some of my favorites because what you saw out of those windows, you will never ever forget.

  • Claudia...I am hoping we ALL get to do our adventures!!

    Robin...come go with us!!!

    British...While our tour will begin in New Delhi and end in Mumbai...most of the trip is in Northern India and Nepal away from the big cities, which suits me just fine. I can honestly say...we probably would never have even considered a trip to India if it had not been for an English couple we met on Our Regent Australian cruise in February 2020. They had been to several safaris in India and showed us their pictures. As a matter of soon as they finished the cruise we were on, they were going to do another Safari in India. They much preferred the safaris in India than in Africa and had done several in both places. So, as soon as we got home, I put us on the wait list for this trip. We want to go back to Africa and do the Kenya Tanzania safari in 2024. I am waiting for the 2024 dates to become available so I can book it.

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