Has anyone been on Northern India and Nepal tour?



  • Cathy did the itinerary in your digital green book vary much from the itinerary on the website?

  • cathyandsteve....good deal on Nepal visa. One less thing I need to concern myself with. My India Visa is still valid.

    It's funny, I remember when it was time to renew my passport, I asked if my India Visa could be transferred to my new passport. The agent asked me why would I want to do that...he asked if I ever intended to go back to India...well yes, one day I will visit again. Lo and behold, that day, albeit 5 years later, will come B)

    He told me it was an easier process just to carry both passports. Not sure if it is an easier process or he just didn't want to be bothered with the extra steps.

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    If you have a visa in your old passport, yes you do have to take it with you, that is usual, you can’t transfer it.
    Applying for the visa when we went, even using visa central was confusing and complicated. When we reviewed it before sending, the form looks nothing like the order you enter your details in. I thought it had been made less complicated. My husband was willing to cancel the trip he was so frustrated with it.

  • We have India visas good until 2026. Our passports expire next year. I was wondering how we could use the visas on the new passports if we return to India. Good to know that we can carry the old passport with the visa.

  • So it hasn’t gotta easier Cathy, I understood it was easier now. So you see what I meant now.
    Our current TD frequently leads the INDIA and Nepal tour, but not any of next months. She reassured us we could easily cope with it as it is not at as high an altitude as we thought. Maybe in a couple of years time.

  • cathyandsteve...perhaps I'm an anomaly. I didn't have any issues obtaining my India visa

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    Looking forward to hearing about the tour. Our Kingdoms and Dragons TD takes those tours and reassured us we can do it as the elevation is not so high as you would expect. We’ve taken a Tauck level 4 and 4 tour before and we were fine. This recent tour was 3 and 3 level because of some very early starts like 4am. Lots of planes and lots of steps, we all coped well and there was a lot of free time, which this trip we enjoyed. If we can, we might book this trip for 2024

  • Amazing progress Cathy!

  • Have and wonderful and safe trip! Congratulations!

  • Cathy! I'm happy for you... now, get ready.
    Fantastic journey! enjoy every min.

  • Cathy Have a wonderful trip;You are still recovering even though you have MD clearance;be mindful of your body’s abilities.Speaking from personal experience with my husband who had surgical clearance after spine surgery.

  • I look forward to your report Cathy to see if we think the tour is suitable for us. The 4 and 4 means it is a tough one, the terrain and amount of walking on uneven surfaces was not what we were concerned about, it was the altitude. We’ve taken a 4 and 4 tour and you had to be able to cope with elevation, humidity, rain and fast pace up a narrow, muddy mountain trail. We did use provided hiking poles, just one. On that trip, there were porters to help us, hold our hands and equipment. Are you now able to walk long distances and stand for long periods, I should think that is the key for your tour. We find walking fine, it’s the standing that can be tiring.
    There was a couple on our past tour that had been on the India Nepal tour and the only thing mentioned was that their SUV broke down and they had to ride in the accompanying toilet vehicle. He does Iron man training. I should have asked more questions. Our tour director leads the tours, she said the altitude was not as high as I thought, you sleep in the valleys and we would be fine.
    We have toured with an Anna, but I can’t recall her last name, she is Austrian and very tall.

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    . . . . I have never used hiking poles or walking sticks or a cane or crutches on a trip. I am taking a collapsible cane on this trip just in case I might need it. I will use it if I need to.

    Have you tried a foldable, motorized Mo-Cane? They are made by the same folks who invented the flying hoverboard seen in the 'Back to the Future' movie, not the earth-bound rolling ones in toy stores. :D it could, exist right? :D:D

    You'll be fine, mind over matter! :) Have a great trip.

  • Cathy have a great time, this trip will bring you what you need most at this time, to get away. You can do it girl.

  • cathyandsteve
    Does anyone know our TD...Anna Sbordini? I believe she has conducted many tours in Italy.

    On our Italy small groups tour in May we had a TD who's name is Anna Maki Cardoso. She lives in Italy but has a husband who is from India so I thought it might be the same person but apparently there are several tour directors with the name Anna.

    BTW out of the 8 Tauck trips we have taken to date, I believe that this Northern India and Nepal tour would be number 1 on our list.

  • cathyandsteve,

    I admire your fortitude and the amazing self-insightfulness you possess...a wonderful trait to have! May you and your husband have a most glorious journey.

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    Cathy- you are incredible. Always positive and accepting. I am confident that you will do your best and have a fantastic trip. Several years ago I developed a leg issue 3 months prior to a trip. I went to physical therapy 3 days a week etc. I was a bit nervous about my abilities. But I went- and had great time. I did what I could. Once I skipped a scenic view because the steps were steep, uneven and without a hand rail — so what! I know you will do what you can. Can’t wait to hear about your adventure — maybe you’ll inspire me to go too!!

  • My wife and I are on this tour right now.
    Currently in Nepal on the tour’s down day at Dwarika’s resort.

    Sitting out on the roof with a magnificent view of the Himalayan range.

    So far the tour has been just wonderful. Cathy you will love it. We also have Anna as our TD. Very competent and nice.

    Have a great tour!

  • Cathy: I just wanted to wish you and Steve safe travels on your upcoming trip and good health. It sounds like an incredible itinerary and I know you have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. I am looking forward to your review.

  • India is certainly an ‘interesting’ environment. I worked for Air India on a contract for about a year … but if I flew in on another airline to pick up a trip, I had to get a visa. Then. once I lost an engine while departing Bombay, so I returned to Bombay. I could ‘not’ arrive in Bombay if I departed from Bombay … I had to depart from someplace else. They finally resolved the problem by sending me upstairs so I could ‘arrive’ through ‘departures’.

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    Looks as if it will be a good idea to wear a mask in Delhi. The air was certainly like soup when we were there

    Delhi: Six months in jail for those bursting firecrackers on Diwali https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-63324543

  • Looks as if it will be a good idea to wear a mask in Delhi. The sir was certainly like soup when we were there

    British: During my last tour to India, we were provided N95 masks in Dehli. I also remember wearing the mask in Varanasi--that smell stayed with me. Thank goodness that was only one night--I remember having my clothes cleaned when we reached the next Oberoi hotel

  • We loved Varanasi but it was harrowing and yes, the smell of burning bodies! I think that was where Tauck paid someone to keep beggars away from us. We still had women come up to us with crying babies and empty feeding bottles. You could see them pinching the babies to make them cry, plus the women were so old, I doubt he babies were their own and they did not look starved either.
    Cathy, whatever you do, no not even engage eye contact with any beggars or they will persist in following you. Your TD will keep you wise on all the ‘rules’

  • Cathy – You will also be seeing some of the nitty gritty of India. Our transport to Bandhavgarh National Park in India was on Toyota vans with 2 to 4 people per vehicle. You will go through some pretty primitive areas. The roads will be very bad in places. You will see some living conditions you probably don’t want to see. As I recall the trip was about 5 hours in these vehicles.

    Here is the type of vehicle you will probably have.

    There are no restrooms during this journey. The ladies restroom is this vehicle below.

    The men’s restroom is the area behind me in this photo.

    They may have made a few changes to the itinerary but this is what we experienced. I am sure you will enjoy the trip.

  • JohnS... please keep the memories coming. I'm scheduled for this trip December 2023. I'm looking forward to Cathy's report upon her return.****

  • Neither of us thought of getting a picture of the safari lodge, but I did get a couple pics inside our room. The pics won't show to much as it happened to be our anniversary and I was mostly getting ummm..., well you can see for yourself.
    Also some wild life in the bathroom (his body was about an inch long).

    And the creepy Crawly wildlife

  • While I was based in Bombay I learned to not go out walking early in the morning. By late morning, people had stopped ‘going’ in the streets, and they had picked up the bodies. I also walked at night, and went to a ‘stick dance’ one night. I just wandered in, and they were welcoming, and they taught me the dance. No one there spoke English, so I have no idea what it was about. I can understand why many are fascinated by India, but I am quite glad that I was paid to go there.. I had one flight engineer (second officer) who liked to ride the trains in third class … quite a kick riding with all the animals. We probably did a few things that are not on a Tauck itinerary.

  • Cathy – one thing about Tigers you should know. They are very elusive, and you will be lucky to see any. We managed to have 2 sightings the entire time on safari and they were not the greatest. Here are a couple of photos. These were all through some heavy brush and I had the zoom lens at max.

    Another safari group from our Tauck tour were much luckier and had a good sighting near a watering hole. This photo is not mine but from another Tauck guest.

  • We did not see any wild elephants in India or Nepal. The closest we got was in Nepal where we had the option of an elephant ride. I did not partake as I did not want to upset the elephants. I thought this was more like a carnival ride.

  • Cathy: I’m quite sure that Tauck tours of India are wonderful, and you will have a fantastic time. My experience there was more a ‘working man’s tour’, or perhaps, ;India on five dollars a day’. I’m sure that Tauck has applied their expertise to take you to all the right places on carefully planned routes. Be sure to check the weather so you bring the right stuff.

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