Has anyone done this trip recently?

We are seriously considering this adventure in the near future? Has anyone done this?


  • We have taken the Spotlight on India Tour. This tour is fairly new and has been improved since its conception, originally there were very long rides on roads worse than in Africa in the Safari parts that people didn’t like.
    So I’ve been to Delhi, Agra and Khajaraho but not Mumbai. I can only give you my own experience of those areas or you can look up my trip report back several years ago. We found it mentally challenging although your tour does not go to Varanasi which was the hardest part for us and where we were stepping over most cow poop. Not to be missed!

  • Cathy, if you would like to send me your email by private message, I will forward you my two Shutterfly books which include my diary. One of my best writings i think I have ever done is on page 42 to 43 of book one, so try to enlarge that page so you can read it. I’ve only stopped for a quick break now and have a crazy day, but I will get back to it as soon as I can. I would go back to India in a heartbeat, I don’t think it would be any easier on me, but it is no comparison to Africa for us. Africa has hope, for us, India has none.

  • Cathy -- My wife and I just got back from this trip, and I just posted a review. Here it is:

    We've always wanted to see the Taj Mahal, but weren't sure that was enough to justify a trip to India. Moreover, we've been warned by fellow travelers about the crowds in India, the street vendors, the water, and even the food. Our interest was piqued, though, when we saw Tauck's itinerary for the Northern India and Nepal tour. Combining the Taj Mahal with a fly-by of Mount Everest and safaris in both Nepal and India was enough to convince us to try it, and we weren't disappointed. We just came back from an amazing trip, one that exceeded all expectations. We had a wonderful tour director, beautiful hotels (our room in Agra had a view of the Taj Mahal), well-planned and exciting excursions (including a safari on elephant-back tracking rhinos!), and great local guides. Not being a fan of Indian food, I was pleasantly surprised at the availability of Western food at all of our first-class accommodations. We probably would never travel to India or Nepal on our own, and we're glad we did it with Tauck. This was truly a trip of a lifetime.


  • TMG...Thank you so much! Perfect review! Did you see a tiger on the safari? Can you share any photos on this thread?

  • India is a great country indeed. Though you need to be ready for dirty streets and not so pleasant smell, in general, it's just awesome. I've gone to Goa island with my girlfriend and we rented a villa. Couldn't decide what to rent for a long time, but https://www.goavilla.co.uk/ turned out to be just great for us.

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