"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz. Round #2

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Please make your entry a reply to this thread.

Please review the rules before you submit, especially concerning multiple entries- see #7 below. And don't forget, you must have solid answers to your own questions.

Da rules:

  1. Photo(s) must have been taken by the poster or spouse during a Tauck tour. Please, no commercial or internet photos allowed.
  2. Everyone is invited to guess- only one guess per family, per round.
  3. The original poster will acknowledge a correct guess.
  4. If there are no correct guesses and/or no correct answers to supplemental questions, after three days, the original poster will provide the answer(s), so each round doesn't run too long. Please be nice and resolve disputes over answers via PM.
  5. As the defacto administrator, I will start a new thread for each new Round once each original poster has acknowledged or provided the correct answers.
  6. To give everyone a shot, I'm asking the original poster to wait until six additional rounds have been completed before posting again- we'll see how this goes.
  7. If two submissions are made at nearly identical times, to prevent confusion I'll ask the second poster to delete and resubmit for a subsequent round. I don't have forum ADMIN privileges so can't delete it for you (click on the gear at the top right corner of your post and select "delete"). I will attempt to ensure your submission is included in the next round- I'll ask for it in the first post of that round.

Please, let's not submit photos that are too esoteric or too lacking in informative details. And don't forget, you must be ready with solid answers to your own questions. :D

Again, I don't live on this site, so please have some patience.

OK, clear as mud?

READY, SET, GO!!! Add your Round #2 submission as at reply now!


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